Why is the Highlight instance not working?

I see we have a new Highlight instance which outlines or fills a model with an outline but it isn’t working or I don’t understand how to use it.

It’s currently not been implemented, according to one of the staff members in the release notes. Apparently, it’s not ready to be used anytime soon.

That’s too bad, I could have really used this lol. I have made something like this before to create almost the same effect for a game but this would make things so much easier and better than what I have currently.

It’s not been released, but it has been implemented. It will likely be released in version 501.
It’s hidden behind a fast flag.

If you insist on using it before it’s released, the flag is called RenderHighlightPass.
Use something like the Roblox Studio Mod Manager to set the flag to true.