Wiki Not Showing Inheritance

It appears there has been a changed recently to the Wiki that has made inherited properties, methods, events, etc not appear on an instance’s documentation page.

Let’s take for example. This only displays 1 property relating to the Frame instance.

It’s now very time consuming to look at each super instance to look for what I need. I’d like at least this change to be reverted, or an option to display all inherited methods, properties, etc.


While I must admit I appreciate the cleanliness of the lack of inherited properties, It’d be nice to have the ability to toggle whether or not you can see inherited properties.


Agreed - though I didn’t have any complaints about how it worked before. I was fine with the inherited members just being at the bottom of each list, with a small heading ‘inherited from x’. Options are good tho!

My main issue with the previous implementation was that when I looked for a particular class, I was usually looking for the particular individual members of the class, and not their inherited properties. This is particularly true as most classes inherit, and do not hide, all the Instance class properties.

Dropping back in to say this cripples the usefulness of some pages, such as Tween.

I didn’t realize this was an intentional change, not a bug. What kind of madman thought that this would be a good idea?


Perhaps it is a bug, but if it was, it certainly should have been picked up by Roblox by now considering how vital the Wiki is to their developer community.

I just encountered this recently today and I still wonder if this is either a bug or a feature. I need some confirmation from the backend.

Pretty crucial for my off-Studio scripting session. I always read those wiki pages if I need something checked.


The Dev Hub was having issues recently. And the lack of inheritance being showed started to happen after they said they were resolving the issues.

I’ve noticed it as well, so I thought maybe they were still restoring pages on the Dev Hub since the entire API Reference was missing at one point. I do not think this is an intentional change.

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Was going to make a thread about this until i found this one. It is very frustrating and annoying. And what if a new developer wants to find something out about an instance? it’ll be very confusing for someone who’s new to the wiki.

I’ve been using the way back machine and simply cross my fingers and hope there’s some data.

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As a developer, I use the Developer Hub API Reference pages as a handy reference to find members of classes or refresh my memory. Now that the API reference no longer shows inherited properties/methods/events, its utility is severely decreased!

In the page for Part alone, one will not know about these members that are very important:

  • Size
  • CustomPhysicalProperties
  • BrickColor
  • Anchored
  • Locked
  • BreakJoints
  • MakeJoints
  • GetMass
  • GetRootPart
  • GetPropertyChangedSignal
  • CanSetNetworkOwnership
  • SetNetworkOwner
  • SetNetworkOwnershipAuto

Although there is an object hierarchy in the sidebar, it does not center on the current class and is not easy to navigate due to its small size. These factors together make the API reference very inconvenient.


Wiki now shows no API whatsoever.

It has been 2 weeks without a fix to this, or even a staff member acknowledging this thread. It’s honestly hindering productivity.

3 weeks since the creation of this thread, and yet no fix or acknowledgement of the problem. What is Roblox doing?

I think this is mostly the wiki staff’s responsibility. Let’s wait a little more and see if any response pops up.