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Who's WooleyWool
Hi there! I am WooleyWool and I’ve been on Roblox for as long as dirt, specifically, November 14th, 2012. I’ve joined the Devforum in 2018, just browsing but became a lot more active in March-April of 2020. I’ve started to learn to script through various tutorials in 2014 with the “Mad Bloxxer” series and learned ways to script events, currency, etc. In April 2020, my learning started to grow immensely. I’ve learned how to a lot more, such as datastores, remote events, UI, animations, round-based coding, etc. through tutorials. However, that’s not all. I’ve learned to use databases, tweening objects, tweening UI, and taught people a few coding techniques and examples. I hope you enjoyed reading this section. Next, my examples!

In April, when the whole piggy inspiration all started, I used those tutorials to grow my knowledge and expanded on it. Below, I’ve created its own UI system, datastores, databases with my own moderation system, round-based system, etc. Take a look:

Murder Mystery Game:
ezgif.com-gif-maker (2)
ezgif.com-gif-maker (1)

Currently, I am trying to create my own racing game, with the style of Mario Kart, and of course, Roblox-styled. I’ve worked on checkpoints, lap counter, racing positions, and more! Take a look:

ezgif.com-gif-maker (3)

One of the goals and things I love to see on any coding forum is seeing help from others. Especially when people who’ve needed help in the past helped others. You’ll likely see me in #help-and-feedback:scripting-support helping others fix their script issues and/or direct them to the Roblox API. This way, users learn to use their problem-solving skills instead of
depending on others to do their scripts. My ultimate goal and philosophy are that everyone has the opportunity to code, whether it’d be to do it on their own or receive guidance from others. Anyone can code, they just need to learn it and do it in small steps. I’ve had my fair share of needing help and I’ve created a few guides during my free time:

  • A simple document for kickstarting your game:
  • Real-time clock:
  • Coding a murder mystery game:

I’m hoping to expand this library of guides to allow people to learn new ways of scripting and managing their games.

I’m also an event organizer, if you are interested in joining my events, look here: https://events.rbx.com/wooleywool/

This portfolio is meant to explain who I am, not for hiring purposes. I hope that I’ve inspired many of you to grow yourselves as it did for me. Let me know if you have any questions, I am here to help! (:


ˢᵏʸ#5260 is my disc my team is making a murder game and we need one more scripter since the current scripter is slacking send me a req and we can talk it out.

I’ve updated the post with some new information such as my recent tutorial, spiced it up with headings, and fixed up some formatting and grammatical errors.

Your work looks good! Nice job! :+1:

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I’ve updated my title as I’m now at the intermediate level, I also have added in my pictures of my work. Remember, this is not meant for hiring, only to show what I’ve done.

I want to vouch not necessarily just for the work here, but for Wooley’s positive attitude and overall role in the community. I’ve seen him help so many people. I don’t know if this portfolio is ever planned to be used for hiring or recruitment - but considering the ROBLOX Bevy events I’ve been to, if Wooley is ever on your team, he is an incredible communicator and just has awesome and radiating energy.

I’m excited to see your progression in the future.


Thank you so much! I appreciate reading all of that, I even teared up reading this. :grin: I’m so glad that the event went well, and I’m stoked to read all of what you have stated. I work hard to ensure people receive the help they need, by explaining the usages to the actual code.

You really made my day! (: