Would a camera app be possible?(in-game phone)

so i am currently making a phone in-game the only problem is,is it possible to make a camera app which i can use to take pics which the saves to the gallery app in the in-game phone and then the image will get saved to datastore when player leaves so they can see the pics again,is it possible to take a pic in-game? and is it illegal for roblox tos?
if it was possible,how would i do it?

im not making to take pictures with the players webcam or something
im not making it to take pics and send it to a player mobile gallery app
im not going to use viewports as they are very laggy
and please tell me if its illegal or no cuz some are saying it isnt and some are saying it is


This is illegal. You’re storing someone’s privacies, in this case you’re storing a data store of underage kids photos. To sum up, it is impossible and you should never do it.


but cant i make it to have other people to not appear in the pictures?

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Still, you are the owner. You have full control of everything. Even though you won’t take a peak of their pictures, still, you have the pictures on your hands.

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Even if there isn’t any faces, still, don’t.

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like im not saying to not show the pictures im saying to not even appear anybody in it

but since you told me to not do it and its illegal i guess i will not do it

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heres a good idea, make a script and basically add a datastore, and add a phone button and make a gui and basically make that gui have a camera/viewport frame or something so when you go on the phone it projects the roblox screen and you can take pictures and it can save to the roblox datastore, im just guessing

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This shouldn’t be illegal (for the TOS), where is your source? There’s no privacy invasion either as the only way to make a working camera in-game would be Viewport Frames.

I reread your post and it seems you have misinterpreted the topic. OP want’s an in-game camera.

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I think @ItzMeZeus_IGotHacked is assuming that you’re talking about using someone’s webcam, while I believe you’re just talking about basically taking screenshots of the game and viewing/storing them.

Assuming the latter: there’s no built-in way to do this. One idea is to snapshot the world by copying the whole into a ViewportFrame, and use that as your “photo”. It would be slightly off because ViewportFrames don’t support everything, but wouldn’t be too bad I think.

Storing it would be really tricky, you’d need some way to serialize any objects that you’d want to save.


Not technically illegal if the application requests and was granted permission, but it would most likely be against tos. Not to mention it’s not even possible to do on roblox without external services.

The thing is, they wanted to store pictures inside the game.

They are talking about taking pictures with an in-game phone, and keeping them through datastorage. He is not using the players webcam to take pictures. It’s impossible and illegal.

This might help you. The game is open-source. Thanks to @TankFullOfOofs

@ItzMeZeus_IGotHacked I’ll clarify his problem. He wants players to take pictures of the roblox characters, BaseParts in the game, and anything related within the world. He won’t be taking pictures of their real life self. Also, the gallery app is not the Android app but another script and UI within Roblox. This is not illegal.

Not sure if you’re embarassed from this mistake, but please don’t be feel anxious. It is embarassing yes, but I know you are trying to share your knowledge. Since you now know your mistake, you will be better at helping others next time. You can delete your post to avoid more confusion.

@OP, this is possible but with complexity. This will involve using ViewportFrames and storing datas (character position and rotation, the background parts, etc). You will also have to consider the atmosphere. This is not entirely impossible but just rather hard to pull off.

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And what’s wrong with that? I don’t see anything exposing or privacy-invading about keeping a couple parts and CFrames together and storing them in data. I don’t see how this is a problem

He misunderstood. He thought we were taking actual pictures through the players webcams…

im saying that i have a phone gui and i wanna take in-game photos basically map of game and then save it and im not saying taking pics of irl people so my system is basically like gta v phone system

so yeah i tried the post above yours and seems like viewport frames is possible but the thing is its very laggy and is there any way to fix?

and yes what you said is exacly what was in my mind

hey its cool but its SUPERRRRR laggy

yes your idea is possible but its gonna be hell laggy