Would like some feedback on my Showcase

Hello, thank you for reading this glad you could so I have a showcase and I’ll also provide a link for you, as some of you may want to see it with your own eyes.


The game itself:

As the post was revived I would like to point out my building has improved A LOT since then, this showcase was made back at the start of 2020 and is still relatively good. But personally nothing compared to what I can create now if you wish to see my most recent showcase build you can see that here.

Thank you for reading!


This is a beautiful build. I hope you keep expanding it!


I loooove it. Cyberpunk style is my favorite type of style and it seems like you nailed it. I would love to see flying cars and other stuff like that also included in this. (I know it’s a showcase but having that will just make it more better). Great job!

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Thank you I shall continue to build on it!

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This thing is crazy hot, i love it. very realistic, good lighting.


  • Remove the forcefield in the begin, that’s all lol

That’s all, have a good day! :sun_with_face:


Will do, as that won’t take very long and thank you!

Immaculate showcase I loved the cyberpunk sci-fi vibe, keep up the great work!

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This is awesome, there’s really nothing bad about this at all!

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Thank you I appreciate all the feedback given!

Honestly, this is an outstanding build, great work!

Some things that I believe could make it better, for the first picture provided, you have those windows (are they a decal/texture?), having a few have that neon, or light effect could possibly bring it alive a bit more. You could possibly do a bit more with the ground by having some sort of concrete texture instead of what they are now. In the screenshot below, having the water continue through the water like an underground passage could look cool. These are just my opinions though, keep up the great work!

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A decal is on the front of it and a normal block is behind it just used transparency. But I’ll take what you said and I thank you for the feedback you have given me.

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I love how people you’d expect to only give feedback, based on their talent, also ask for it back.
It shows that this community can be humble, not just competitive and toxic.

Also, it looks great! Especially the background city. I’m judging this is based around a poor neighborhood’s alleyway.

The only con I could have is that the Brick flats on the right have their foundation seem really repetitive. Maybe add some more cracks in the walls, or little details to break the pattern off.

Anyway, thanks for this delightful showcase!

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Your welcome! I hope you enjoyed it, and I will most defiantly take in what you said and try to add it to my showcase allowing it to be less repetitive.

Honestly, if i were you i would stick to the color orange and maybe 1 other contrasting color. but thats just my opinion

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Outstanding! This is one of the best I have seen. Keep up the good work man!

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Wow man, this is really great. One thing I love about showcases is that they can really transport you to a different place and time. When I joined the game I was immediately thrown into the future.

The music, the lighting, the material and texture choices were all spot on for me. I really hope you can continue to expand upon this in the future.

One thing I might suggest is that when you are near the water it’s relatively empty, I think maybe a railing or a longer “boardwalk” would make it that much better. This is just my opinion but truly great work here, I love to see it!

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I’ll keep that in mind, as sometimes more the variety more the eyes feel more attracted

Thank you I appreciate the feedback!

@AidanThDev I also appreciate what you have said a lot and I will most defiantly continue to expand upon this, and most defiantly seek to what you would like to see as what you have said like a “boardwalk” I can consider adding that! Thank you overall though.

Hello, I may be late to respond lol but I was scrolling through some builds and found this, this is flawless. I mean just super amazing and wonderful. I just don’t have any other words other than this being so good. :grinning:

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Appreciate the kind words a lot! My newest showcase is this though.