Sarichia roblox showcase

Hello again, it’s been some time since I’ve shown this showcase off. So I’ve expanded the showcase and wanting to have your feedback on it. The game is playable beware it’s very intensive on the gpu and memory.

If you wish to just view it from a video I recorded, you can also view that here.

Check it out here:

Upon joining it may lag for a big but depending on your pc spec’s you may run just above 30fps.

Some images in-game:



Added some more details to the showcase not much but a little bit, currently working on the interior of the church expect to see that soon.


Honestly, I have 0 words. This is amazing, keep up the good work!


Appreciate the kind words, will do. I’m gonna keep expanding this showcase so expect updates.


The game looks absolutely stunning, you can really see the effort you put into the details!


Looking dopeee! :ok_hand:
For sure gonna go check this showcase out.


Wow, this is mind blowing. This post deserves more likes!

Amazing work! :clap:


i have like 3 words those words are Amazing, Work.
Keep Up The Good Work!

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This is an amazing work! Keep it up! :wink:


Man this would be great for a game that has a meaningful story. You should go work for some big teams.

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Oh my god. I’m speechless. The game is so good! Keep up the good work. :grinning:

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What’s the part count? Make sure to keep is below 100k. Other than that, this showcase looks very well made! :cool:


Part count is already 160k but thank you for the kind words.

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Thank you I appreciate the kind words a lot, this was just all inspired off by creativity so I tryed to also give it like this story.

Looks really really cool!
Definitely keeping this on my list of games to show other people when they ask about Roblox!

The only thing I’d mention is that in some places you have the sun rays coming from both sides, not just from the side the sun is on:

Doesn’t really matter, but just thought I’d mention it!
Love the game!


This is Amazing truely! I have no other feedback other than this is a very good showcase the quality, the effects, the water sound etc. u did an outstanding job!

Oh yeah that was just to give it more of a atmosphere, but thank you for the kind words. I’ll keep you posted on the game as I will be expanding it more.

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Thank you man, really do appreciate everything you say.

Wow, you’ve really mastered creating smoothly falling and flowing leaves. They look so natural and realistic.


Thank you! I’ll be adding more to the game to make it more immersive currently thinking of expanding the showcase even more.

Thank you! Currently trying to show this more and share it around, currently focusing on exanpanding it as well.

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