Yard Work Simulator | change-log week 5


Friday update #5!!!

What’s changed recently?
We’ve achieved 3,000,000 place visits!!! That’s insane, I can’t believe we’ve gone so far, so quickly.

Changes in depth:

  • Pirate Bay (our sweet new area)
  • Updated UI to round icons
  • Quests!!!
  • Tutorial (w/ badge)
  • New Tools
  • Buffs for certain items
  • Flamethrower + admin tool buffed
  • New music added for Pirate Bay area


  • Cutlass
  • Hand cannon
  • Pitchfork
  • Evil pitchfork

Previous changelog:

Special code for those who took the time to read this!!! :space_invader::man_technologist:
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Yard Work Simulator | change-log week 6

Excited to have released this update


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