Yard Work Simulator | change-log week 6


Friday update #6!!! (HUGE UPDATE)

What’s changed recently?
We’ve released our first part of the huge update, we’ve included competitive leaderboards, over-head ranks, tool statistics and new tools!

Changes in depth: :pushpin:

  • Competitive leaderboards (rebirths, grass and time played)
  • Shop tool stats
  • Overhead ranks (updated)
  • 4th of July bundle will stay ON-SALE for a while.
    – Launch fireworks by pressing “Q”
    – Exclusive tool
    – Exclusive bag
    – Super special pet at some point :star_struck:

Tools: :hammer_and_wrench:

  • Foolish pitchfork
  • Perfect pitchfork
  • Tongs


Previous changelog:

Special code for those who took the time to read this!!! :space_invader::man_technologist:
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