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25th July 2021

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Starting to make a new FPS game that is very futuristic and respects physics!

These games: MC5, Valorant, GTA 5 and other FPS games on Roblox, has inspired me to make this game called ZEAL.

I decided to become a solo developer. I always wanted to make a game that is made by myself & I thought that I can learn a lot of things along the way!


  • Cyberpunk type map (completed)
  • Weapons with reloading and realistic shooting physics animations (Completed)
  • Walk and shift to sprint (Completed)


  • Add a loading screen GUI
  • customize the toolbar and script it
  • Add more physics to the game!

If you would like to submit map(s) for my game, please do! It will help me save a lot of time!

IMAGES (Gun’s images will be added soon!)

Feedback is appreciated!


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All in all a very cool and interesting game so far- I love the style of the map, and how it’s built. However, there are a few things I would like to point out so far.

  1. Upon spawning in, it is just a default Roblox sky with default lighting. Maybe adding a night theme to this game for the Cyberpunk like map would fit better in the game and would allow for a much more visually appealing environment than a default Roblox sky. Also try adding some map barriers that signify where the end of a map is; This game is not close to ready for release yet. You spawn in, get guns and shoot each other. That’s about it. Make the map a bit larger if this is an FPS game.

  2. Another thing I notice upon spawning in; There is no intermisson, no intermittent game spawn or GUI upon spawning, no tutorials on how the game works, no UI, nothing other than a baseplate, what I am assuming is a group of free models with “Pixel Studios” on it, and a very confusing game start for users who are playing normally. I would add a spawn for users in the beginning of the game and round lengths so a user may know when a round ends. However, I do like your building style, and will give you props for that.

No idea what these are. But, in my personal opinion, this game is not ready in any way yet. This is more of an extremely early alpha than a beta. Add some of the things I have listed above and a bit bigger maps and you may have a ready beta testable game.

For a newer solo developer, this is great so far and I love the way it looks. You have potential and this game has potential. Good luck on your game and good luck with Zeal! I hope my feedback may help out in a way.

Thank you @Azorpine606

Well as I said that I’ve started this game yesterday, there’s a lot of work to do! Thank you for the points which you have posted and I will surely work on them!! As I’m not a coder, I’m using some free models to learn. So all those things which you’ve said (Pixel studios and the screens) are just for learning (For my learning purpose).

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This is completely okay and actually how I learnt, along with many others! Good luck and happy learning. Just be sure to make sure none are viruses or have viruses in them- And try not to use them in the game itself unless they are from a kit! Using a free model to learn is one thing, using that knowledge to remake it in your game with your own twists is another.

Once again, good luck!

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