1.0 [Blocky] Layered Clothing - Resources

Howdy, in this post you will find files and resources for an Armature and 1.0 Inner + Outer Cage for Layered Clothing tailored to fit the Blocky 1.0 Rig. (Better layered clothing for standard Robloxians.)

Visual Example: [ https://twitter.com/Midnight_Krys/status/1581936684274708483 ]

You can find these resources at the bottom of the post, use them for anything you want.

The three files are:

  • Blender File including a Template for making your own layered clothes for 1.0 Blocky Rigs.

  • Blender File including an example file that has a pre-made un-textured shirt to practice exporting, cage editing, or to view weight paints.

  • A Studio file for testing your layered clothing.

Take note: This set up is not perfect, and I do not recommend using it to upload items on the UGC catalog as there are clipping issues when it comes to layering the clothing on top of itself. (They do not stack very well)

[Provided Image examples.]

The method for creating this set up was taking the 1.0 Inner Cages from the Wrap Layer attached to your standard avatar when play testing, (With default settings) and applying their asset I.Ds to special meshes before exporting them to blender. Within blender I stitched together the assets to create the cages and aligned them as best I could.

After that using Den_S’s Rig Exporter for Animations to obtain the Armature / Rig used for this project.
[ You can find that here: Blender rig exporter/animation importer ]

I’ve done my best to figure out how to stop the mentioned clipping when stacking the clothing on top of each other, with little help from users like dvdko. It only mitigated it by very little, so if anyone else can figure out how to reduce these clipping issues please let me know how you did it.


Template -
1.0_Tailored_Clothes.blend (2.3 MB)

Example File -
Example_File.blend (1.6 MB)

Studio File -
Layered_Clothing_TestPlace.rbxl (129.9 KB)


I don’t know what I did wrong but this happens when I put on the example clothing.



The .rbxl does not have the 1.0 template in it, the blend files are all strange and buggy, and there’s no kind of explanation for the process or workflow.

Can you revisit this soon and at least add a little bit of description or method? Until then, this post does not serve a whole lot of purpose.


The .rbxl does not have the 1.0 template in it

.rbxl is not intended to have the template in it, it is simply a place to import and test your own accessories and layered clothing.

the blend files are all strange and buggy

This is pretty undescriptive and does not define the problems. Most I can recommend is updating your blender most recent version. I can not help you unless you can provide direct examples of what you mean.

Can you revisit this soon and at least add a little bit of description or method? Until then, this post does not serve a whole lot of purpose.

I intend on making a video tutorial on how to make both normal layered clothing, as well as layered clothing using the 1.0 template provided.

This post is not meant to come with a tutorial or workflow process as it is just the resources. Otherwise it would be posted in Community Tutorials

This is a resource, not a how to.

Oh no, lol.

Did you export this from the 1.0_Tailored_Clothes.blend file? If I had to guess it’s related to your import / export process.

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Yea and also made one myself but still get the same issue.

Can you show your export process?

I first select the shirt (I used the example file you provided since I didn’t save the one I made… oops) and then export it as a .fbx file. (I also tried disabling the leaf bones option)

Then head over to the studio and import it using Roblox’s Avatar Importer plugin, and for some reason it becomes huge but it does contain the WrapLayer.

And then I use Roblox’s Accessory Fitting plugin to turn it into an Accessory, and from then the shirt looks weird and strange.

When I tried making the accessory myself, this happened.

Thought so, yes you did export it incorrectly.

When exporting layered clothing from blender, you want to ensure that you export them with the Armature, InnerCage, OuterCage, as well as your shirt item.


Make sure that the InnerCage and OuterCage have your items name before the underscore.
like such.


Once you’ve done that, ensure that while exporting ensure your settings are like such:

  • Selected Objects Checked On
  • Scale set to 0.01
  • Add Leaf Bones UN-Checked
  • Bake Animations UN-Checked.

After this, in studio you’ll want to use the Avatar Importer plugin (Should be provided by ROBLOX.) to import it as a “Custom” Avatar Type


Once your FBX has been imported, you will know it was done right when:

  • The clothing item is standing up right like such

  • Your Item will be a mesh part with the proper name, icon, and has the wrap layer with the same name.


After that it’s just setting it up right as an accessory.



If you want the ROBLOX made tutorial you can find it here.

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Just tried it out and my issue is fixed now.

Thanks for your help!



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