100% Physics Based Cart System [V2.0 Update]


Development Place: Cart Test - Roblox

Model With all Pieces: Physics Based Train Cart System - Roblox

Place File: CartTestV2.rbxl (162.3 KB)


  • Entirely physics based. No synthetic down force. No “pusher force” – driven by the wheel motors. Preserves a considerable amount of momentum through turns.

  • Switches are also fully physics based, no CanCollide cheats.

Joining and Separating Carts

Long Train With Couplers in Action

Update Log


  • Carts now have an improved dashboard with a speed display and iconography.

  • Now uses modern CollisionGroup names rather than legacy CollisionGroupIds.

  • Driving is now dynamically juggled between client / server depending on whether someone is riding in the cart for better responsiveness of the controls.

  • Along with this switching switches pointing the wrong way when going through them is now done temporarily on the client in addition to being one on the server so you can go backwards through a switch as fast as you want without crashing.

  • Controls now handle clicking ClickDetectors for switches and stuff underneath the throttle control better. Switching a switch will never interrupt your throttle setting anymore, clicking the switch will take priority.

  • Improved cart handling / acceleration at low speeds.


Oops, one of the switches was slightly broken in the first upload, fixed it now.


Right, thanks, moved it. For some reason I always mentally default to the wrong category.


This gives me vibes from the old roblox ngl hehehe

Cool cart although, not in my list of priorities but I’ve always wanted to make a train or something like that in roblox. The fact it is physics based is pretty cool since that makes the cart system relly on Roblox handling the physics which in most scenarios is a good decision since you can keep it up with the new features and improvements.


It’s fine! But, from the looks, its a really nice resource! (Will test after class)


Just got an idea! I might use this resource in my game so you can run away from the monster in the cart!

Just imagine flying off the cart lol.


Indeed. Fun fact, I made the original carts too! (I name changed from xLEGOx, and was actually one of the first accounts to ever get a name change)

Here’s one of the original track models from 2008: Tracks-Cart-Regen - Roblox



Mhmm I’ll suppose this happens when you go at high speeds and you have to turn, any way to prevent it without using scripts to re-position the cart?


The cart has built in detection to find out when it has fallen off the rails.

Falling off the rails… is actually fixable (you would put another set of castors on the cart underneath the tracks), but it wouldn’t be any fun if you couldn’t fall off IMO.


That Cart System looks awesome! Plus I need to agree with the user @flamenco_687 that gives old Roblox vibes!


Apart from the fact it looks and functions much better :ok_hand:


This is actually amazing! The fact that it is entirely physics based makes handling a lot more smoother! Great work dude!


Seems like it would be a fun game to crash into every other cart :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It’s really cool to see how this modernized version of the cart system maintains some of the charm and appeal that the classic carts you created over a decade ago still have to this day :slight_smile:

Were you inspired to create this based on improving upon “flaws” of the original system or was it primarily for fun, knowing that others could improve their development knowledge from it and/or enjoy cart rides with a new system?

I’ve always had a wonderful time with carts across the years, from standard cart ride games to riding through pipes/tunnels, and even in tycoons; the countless forms and adaptations of carts into Roblox games, no matter how repetitive, has always been fun!

I’m looking forward to creating more memories with this cart system! Maybe one day I’ll end up looking back upon these experiences through a similar lens to how I view my nostalgic adventures with the original carts.


Mostly I wanted to compare how the system would look different with all the new features that have been added in the intervening years. Currently this uses Collision Groups, Gui controls, Attributes, CSG, Constraints, CustomPhysicalProperties, and a lot of other features that the original system did not have access to.


Updated the carts! Now includes:

  • Sparks and sound effects while traveling on the tracks

  • Carts explode satisfyingly when they fall off the tracks

  • Many other fun sound effects

  • Highlight of the development stream if you care to watch: Twitch VOD

  • Carts drivable via onscreen throttle or via arrow keys.

  • Cool throttle UI:

  • Optional Coupling between carts (which actually works if two people sitting in separate carts run theirs into eachother):



Hey i love this model but do you know how i can up the speed on the carts, or is that not possible?

the thing on the side that makes you go faster, moves your screen when you try to use it on mobile, are you able to fix that?

These carts are fantastic; a vast improvement on the original.

I used them for the “Alternate Mode” for my cart ride game; alongside a smarter random track generation algorithm I made. Obligatory “check it out here” link.


This is absolutely amazing! Is it possible to use vehicleseat to create the movement with throttle like in Cart Ride Around Nothing?