[100k+ R$] [HIRING] Builder

wait dint you only 1 year experience

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YEA thats why im not interested anymore

Hello! I’m very much interested in this position and would be grateful if you looked over my portfolio!

Also, I just recently finished a build for True Colors that I haven’t added to the portfolio yet you can find that here; https://www.roblox.com/games/5523043717/True-Colors-Central-Park?refPageId=c0d137fa-0f84-4e09-8be8-4e77c05860c2

I am interested in helping. However, I don’t want 150k, that’s too much. I just want to work for the onion premier. I can send portfolio privately via DMs.

I don’t exactly have 3 years into studio, only 3 months into it + blender, I will just leave my portfolio here.



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VeryRBLX here, my Discord is VeryRBLX#9539 and my portfolio is VeryRBLX - Builder

I’m interested in building for you and I hope we can come in contact soon.

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I’m Interested, I’m pretty advanced at building

Heres my portfolio,

I’ll be responding to submissions within tomorrow. Still taking more. Feel free to email us.

I have already emailed you through gmail c:

Heya I would love to work on this there is real potential! My discord is A1.2trappy#4996

I will send some examples etc

Looking forward to speak to you!

Still taking applications. Drop your portfolio here or apply via the email.

Hey there, I’m interested in this position. Here is my portfolio: CLOSED | Yacti | Experienced 3D Artist

I mostly do low poly, but I’m able to do realistic builds on request.

Hello! I am super interested! You can take a look at my portfolio here: [FOR HIRE!] davidiscooI - Experienced Low-Poly/Realistic Builder - Revamped Portfolio

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Hello I’m Sinox, here is my portfolio: [OPEN] DisturbedSinox | Builder and UI Designer

My discord is Sinox#5016

Interested in the position, here is my portfolio. My discord is Laemmle#8800 should you wish to contact me there.

I’m interested in working on this, goodluck with the project! My discord is: Travis#0172

Hi i’m interested im your fan anyways Necrophosy - Portfolio.

Hello, I’m Asprekt and here is my portfolio:Builder - Asprekt’s Portfolio

Discord: Asprekt#0345

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