(200k+!) UZGen: Not Taken Roblox Username Generator [HUGE UPDATE!]

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Are you trying to come up with an OG username, but your name idea was taken by someone that last played 10 years ago?
Do you want to find a not taken username like Osiris or Absumption?

Me, with help from WafflesAreVeryGood, have collaborated to make a system that you may find extremely useful.

How it Works

This is not just any online username generator: it takes into account if the name is already taken on ROBLOX. If the name is already taken, it wont include that name on the list of available names it gives you.

Long story short, this system spits out a huge list of available, original usernames for you to take.

Also take note, this generator doesn’t spit out a list of Display Names, it gives you actual Roblox usernames.

This system uses HTTP Service to go to a website that generates a massive list of random words. It allows you to customize the criteria you are looking for very particularily to suite your needs.

This system looks for entire words for the names, so remember that trying to get a completely original, Roblox appropriate 4 letter name is next to impossible, and the system will likely say no results or Roblox will say its not appropriate when trying to make the account or change your name to it. This system does not take into account if the username is appropriate or not, since the words come directly from the website.


  1. Join game linked below
  2. Put in criteria how you want (Continue reading for examples)
  3. Click “Scan”
  4. Wait for results
  5. Done!

Let’s say we want to generate a completely random unused one word name, like Osiris or Obfuscated.

We would put the criteria in like this:


After we do that, we click the “Scan” button on the bottom of the screen.

(In order to stop scan early, click “STOP SCAN” while it’s scanning)

After a few seconds, here are the available names with these criteria:


Keep in mind that although these names seem pretty obscure, none of them are currently in use by any user on Roblox - they are free for you to take.

  • First Part: The text in your username that comes before the randomly generated word.
  • Last Part: The text in your username that comes after the randomly generated word.
  • Number Of Requests: The number of random words it gets from the internet to check.
  • Max Characters: The maximum amount of characters the random word can have.
  • Min Characters: The minimum amount of characters the random word can have.
  • First Letter Uppercase: Whether or not the first letter of the random word is uppercase.
  • Allowed First Letters: What letters the random word can start with. By putting “all” for this, random words with any first letter will be allowed.
  • Include Numbers: Whether or not to include numbers at the end of the username.

Lets say I want to change my account name to “Moon … something” and also want that “something” to only be 5 letters maximum.

In order to do this, I would make the criteria:


Available names with these criteria:


Hmm, some of those names don’t look too bad. And remember the best part is none of them are taken.

Now Let’s say I want to change my account name to “something … Moon” and also want that “something” to either start with the letters M or T.

In order to do this, I would make the criteria:


Available names with these criteria:


One of the most important parts of this whole system is that the amount of time it takes to scan is extremely dependent on the criteria. For example, if you give it this criteria:
(pay attention to the Number of Requests and the Max Characters)

It will likely take hours to days.

If you decrease the Number of Requests and decrease the Max Characters,


It will scan extremely faster. Im talking a difference between 3 hours and 5 seconds.

Also keep in mind that running it once doesn’t give you every possible name for that criteria -
you can run the same exact criteria multiple times and get different names each scan, although there will likely be some of the same names as well.

And if you keep getting no results, remember to try

  • Scanning again with the same criteria, it tries different words each scan
  • Increasing the Number Of Requests
  • Increasing the Max Characters
  • Decreasing the Min Characters
  • Making Allowed First Letters “all”
  • Remember that trying to get a not taken name that is a word with 4 or less characters is near impossible.

If you use this to get any OG usernames, let me know! :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, and report bugs ASAP.





I just wish Roblox would recycle names. I want the name CheetahSpeed


This is useful but I can see it being used in the wrong hands for username hoarding. I wish Roblox would free up unused usernames rather than let people hoard them on their account


Hi there!

I tried this out and its pretty good. However, I found 5 words that wouldn’t be an appropriate user name(ran 1000 times), including 2 that had the word s*x in it. The other 3 were were nonAlcoholic, Nudenesses, boo*ish. So maybe add some more checks to see if the name is appropriate.

Have a good day!


Yes, that is a known problem. In the disclaimer I did talk about this. Sadly, since the words directly from the website, there is no real way to fix this completely.


This is a pretty neat creation if you want me to be honest, good release!


Heyyy. Sadly it doesn’t work for me anymore

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Hey just an announcement to everyone, and thanks to @Senocite for reporting this, but apparently the website that this uses is currently down for maintenance, and since the system is dependent on this website, we will just have to wait for them to come back online for the system to be back up and running. If they continue to be offline for a prolonged period of time, I will rewrite the system to use another website. Sorry about this inconvenience.


Update everyone: because the old HttpService website does not seem to be coming back, I am currently working on a revamp using a different website. All the customizable settings should remain exactly the same though, but if not, I will tell you otherwise. :grinning:


Good news everyone! The plugin has been fixed. It now uses a different website to get a list of words, which works beautifully. The only difference between now and the original release is that I could only find websites that use a fixed list of words, so instead of generating completely random words, each time from the JSON data, it gets the same list every time. This is not necessarily bad, however, as as of right now the website gives ~2500 words to use. The words should now be unique from the last release, so this could be a good thing, as you will now get new name choices than from the last release. Enjoy :grin:

Btw, you will have to update your plugin from Studio.


HUGE UPDATE everyone! I was messing with the system a bit and found a new URL that is supposed to get a list of 479K+ words to use in the name trials, as opposed to 2500 from the last release. Because of this, it is now 200x easier to find original one word names. Enjoy everyone !


How is the generator going for you guys? Have you found any OG usernames with it? :face_with_monocle:

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I can’t get it to work :frowning:

Not that sad though, it is just a username generator.


Just tried it, let’s just say I didn’t get a suitable name :sweat_smile:

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What is the problem you are having with it?

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It put in the default script you have, the one in the example in the command bar to no usernames coming out. Does it just take longer or something?

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Yeah, I agree, I want the name urClutchDutch_Artist, which is my alts name, but its verified under MY email.

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Make sure to increase the maxJSONCharLimit since the criteria is too specific. Read what is said here about this:

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I know, I was responding to someone.


It would be nice if Roblox did something where you could use taken usernames.

Like banned accounts that have been inactive or their appeal was denied for the last time, you could use them (sense at that point there’s no coming back).

I wanted the name “urClutchDutch_Artist”, here’s the thing though…
I have that name, on a different account.
My alt and my main account are verified with the same email, but I can’t get my alts username.

I know it would be kind of unfair to take a banned accounts name, but come on so many people with loved usernames made their account 10+ years ago and are banned.