[250 USD + Revenue] Looking for an experienced scripter for The Dreaded Seas!

It’s hard to say. As I am not a scripter myself, I can only give general estimates based on how many tasks I have remaining. Of course, the amount of time someone works on it is based on their talent level as well. There is still fairly a lot to be done. With a likely inaccurate estimate, I believe it would take somewhere between 60 - 90 hours at least (spread over a longer period obviously).

Also, I encourage you to continue this conversation through discord with me personally if you have further questions. I believe it is in some way ‘against the rules’ to have rapid conversation under neath a post.

Thank you for your input. As I said, I did not imagine that creating an age minimum of 14 would create such widespread retaliation. So I will be lowering it to 13.

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@DreadNautical As stated there is little proof the game will be highly successful, I suggest doing payments in stages to give your scripter some motivation over their 100 hours, maybe pay 10, 15 or 20 percent once they reach certain points; Creating the economy, UIs and physics etc. (Most likely 20% after each waypoint since there’s 5).

I understand you stated something like this prior but it should be the standard.

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How can any developer ‘prove’ that their game will be successful? Game development in itself is a risk. I don’t understand why people make comments like this. However if the payment increments you mentioned is something that you’d want, we can discuss that if you are interested in the offer.


Well as weird as it sounds you could do things like market research or surveys to understand the sorts of and how many people would play your game. From there you could launch an alpha version for people to understand this unique concept.

I think there’s a game similar to yours in which you can buy boats and sail around etc but I can never remember the name. A key factor to success is competition.

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How do you launch an alpha version without a scripter?


That is true. But you are making the assumption that it won’t be successful without even inquiring to the specifics of what the game entails. As my advertisement explains, that is only a vague description of the game’s mechanics. If that is something you are interested in hearing, you can message me on here or through discord for further details. You are also assuming that we don’t have plans to release the game in stages, which is also false.


Ah apologies I didn’t make it much clearer, the alpha would be more basic maybe with functions not working but are displayed to give visitors an idea of what they can expect.

Your advert implies this is one big project in which you’re paying $250 to get a game ready for full release, the alpha as I’ve said would be a much smaller project. It would save you blowing $250 for an unproven concept.

The ‘big project’ is the entirety of the game’s development itself- alpha release and the rest of the game’s development. I’m looking for a partner essentially. This was made evident in the advertisement. Please read it in its entirety before making baseless assumptions, and feel free to ask me questions instead if you aren’t clear.

Comments like these are critical.

There are multiple aspects that make a game successful, and if the proper marketing precautions are taken, or if there is game experience prior to this, it can heavily increase the chances of finding a developer.


Ah apologies, I didn’t mean to agitate you. I recommend just including stages and pay point for devs that may skim read. Overall a good idea, I hope it goes well!

Any input is always appreciated. If you have other questions please don’t hesitate to message me personally.

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Yikes seems like everyone’s ganging up on you for putting 14 instead of 13. I’ve done some work with scripting I sent you a friend request on discord.
Kind Regards

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Can I ask you, why do you open new topic every time?
You can update the old one with new updated payment and stuff. No need to open new one.
And what happened to the old one?
Did you find someone and the programmmer left you, or what?
Could you tell me more information?

The reason I opened a new topic was because I have updated the information on the original post in the past when necessary, but was told it was considered ‘spamming’ to bump my topic, which is against the rules. No one ‘left’ the team really, rather I just found that it is extremely inefficient to hire people based off of only revenue. To speed up the process and hopefully increase the quality of the work that gets done, I changed my payment offer a bit. The downside to that appears to be that it attracts people only interested in the money rather than the partner I am seeking. Thank you for your question.

Hi all, wanted to update that I am going away for a few days, and will be unable to respond to all comments as of today until July 12th. Please do write your questions and comments anyway, I will answer them as soon as I can.

Hey man! This looks like an awesome idea and I would like to have a chat with you about the open position of a scripter. I have added you on discord at Legenderox#2954 just hit me up when you are availeble.

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Hi all, wanted to update that I have returned to address inquiries, and the position is still open although various applications are being considered. Thank you.

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