64-Bit Client causes random CPU spikes in-game

Ever since I got the new 64-bit client update yesterday, I’ve noticed random CPU usage spikes in any Roblox game I’ve played.


System information:
CPU: Intel Core i5-10400F
GPU: AMD Radeon RX 5600XT

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Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


We would need some extra info to be able to help you. Could you provide a microprofiler capture? You can find how to do that here: How to post a Bug Report - #14 by Roblox. Also, any information on the places you’ve experienced this would be nice.


Bumping this post, every 2-10 seconds I’m getting a CPU spike. Only experienced it in one game though.


Is there an update to this? I’m currently attempting to optimize my project and this issue is causing a lot of delays as I need more people to validate that random in-game spikes aren’t caused by my player being weird rather than actual dips in performance.


This bug is happening to me when playing on Jailbreak

microprofile-20230705-125632.html (4,4 Mo)
I don’t know if I did correctly the Microprofiler Dumps


Is there an update to this? It’s been a few months since this has been reported and it’s been only getting worse.


It’s sad that they are still no news about this , this is an annoying bug


This is a real problem and is really making the game experience in roblox bad.

I hope that @thirdtakeonit will soon come with an answer for this problem.

Those CPU Spikes are really annoying and not acceptable.

Theres is no real cause for this to happen. It just happens randomly and without any special events ingame.



This issue is finally fixed!!!

Not for me. I’ve been still encountering this issue.

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Oh it’s weird , I’ve played Arsenal with my friend , we both didn’t got the spike (I will test again tomorrow it’s currently 1AM , I’m going to sleep)

After testing in jailbreak still didn’t got the spike in version 0.592

Still not fixed, my CPU melts every time I play roblox

Hey everyone, is this still happening?

I think yes. I am very laggy in games too. I can only play at graphics quality 1 in any game, rarely can play at any higher graphics quality. I was able to play games fine at max graphics quality before. This was captured while I was playing at max graphics quality:-

At graphics quality 3:-

Another screenshot also at graphics quality 3:-

I am also having GPU spikes

Yes it’s been still happening to me.

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i have a different problem. every time i have roblox studio open for a bit of time, sometimes my pc starts lagging and there is no apparent source, then my pc crashes with “VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE” and doesnt boot anymore

I found this page:

Apparently your GPU is freezing due to too high of a load, and Windows is crashing because it’s taking too long to restart it. Either a problem with your graphics driver or hardware, unless other people are also experiencing it

only happens when roblox studio is open… no reason

i think it might have something to do with the particle thingies but idk