[70k+] Hiring Builders and Modelers

About The Project

Hello, I’m Sinox, CTO of Sin Corporation. We are currently looking for Builders, and modelers to make Armor and maps for our Military groups, and upcoming border.

Payment and Positions:

Modern Military Academy: [TAKEN]
Futuristic Border Map: 30k-50k
Military Berets: 4K (we only need 3)
Futuristic Armor: 10k-20k

More info on the projects will be provided in DMs.

Contact Us

Please leave your discord username, portfolio, and the project your applying for in the section below.

DevForum: @DisturbedSinox
Discord: Sinox#5016

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Hello, I’m interested!
Discord: Taruko#6672
Portfolio: (OPEN) Avtixe's Building Portfolio

Hey there!
Super interested; I sent a discord friend request. @Scott#3636


I’m intrested in the military berets


Futuristic Armor

Do you have reference images for the Modern Military Academy? I will need a lot more info about this project before wanting to apply. Please message me on the devforum. Here is my portfolio.

I could build props for the border map. I have created a few military props before and I think they look pretty nice.

I’m gonna leave my portfolio here, please contact me if interested!

I’m interested - 4wku | Programmer & Builder

Added you to discord. Ziki#8117

Here is my portfolio, if you are hiring still contact me RoadmanBruno | Builder Portfolio | LOW/HIGH POLY [OPENED]

Hello there, i am interested in this job hellnawboi#9524

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