A milestone for the future of Creator Resources

Hey Creators!

Today, we’re excited to introduce the Creator Hub which brings all Roblox creation resources and tools you use every day into a unified suite that will become greater than the sum of their parts.

This is only the beginning. We envision a future where you can obtain the latest documentation on a new update instantly, discuss that update with other Creators, and find someone to work with who specializes in that area all in one place. The launch of Creator Hub is the first big step towards this vision.

Unified Navigation & Domain Changes

We are beginning to roll out the Creator Hub unified navigation which allows you to easily get from one product to any other product. This rollout will continue into January, so if you don’t see it just yet, please keep an eye out!

Included with this new navigation are changes to the domains of all the existing Creator resources and tools. The current URLs will continue to work, but we will begin forwarding old links as the navigation rolls out. This means you can now reach different products here:

We will continue to heavily invest not only in the Creator Hub but also the individual products within it. In 2023, you’re going to see new features appear, such as a personalized Creator Hub homepage designed to get you the most relevant information across the platform, to a sophisticated notifications system so you can always be informed on changes to your content and workflows.

In the meantime, please share your thoughts and feedback on the unified navigation and the Creator Hub!

We’re excited to release the Creator Hub as it means we can continue to build all the creation resources and tools that enable Creators to succeed, with the support and help from all of you – the Creator community!

Creator Resources team


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Regarding the forums - will it just be the URL that is changing? Or will the forums themselves be changing as well (moving off of discourse or somesuch)? If so, will we still have markdown support?


Is there an ETA of when we can expect sponsors to come to the creator dashboard, having to use the website for them is so annoying.


Thanks for the question - this paragraph is referring specifically to the URL only for all products. This is one of the many ways in which we’re ensuring Creator Hub is a unified product, and isn’t referring to us moving off of Discourse in this case.


I noticed the keyword yet, and I just want to say that I know I speak for lots of people when I say that I prefer the link to stay at devforum.roblox.com instead of changing to create.roblox.com/forums (assuming that’s what the url is going to be in the future)

In short, I would really like for the Forum link to stay at devforum.roblox.com.


Hopefully there are no bugs. Looks cool, though.


I’m not a fan of the domain changes. It will take a lot more typing in the address bar to have the browser suggest the address that you have in mind, compared to the old URLs which are different at the beginning.

But hey, we will have the unified navigation to compensate for that!

Also, light mode for documentation when? I am NOT going to let this slip. This is unacceptable.


My guess is that if the url DOES change, the current one redirects to the new or something, similarly to the other changes on the site, so hopefully it’s not too rough a change


Yeah I figured. They do that for all URL changes. But I still stand with my statement in my earlier reply. :upside_down_face:


The URL links are going to be a bit annoying, but honestly I think this will be a well needed change.

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When will the old https://www.roblox.com/develop be changed with the new and amazing updated Creator Page?


I know I’m in a small group of people, but will we ever see a light-mode option added to the creator dashboard?


If you all change the url of the devforum, please have each and every link from the old url redirect to their new url counterpart. Not sure if that’s even possible, but I’d love that so that all the google search results don’t become irrelevant.


Will we ever get a light mode for all creator hub resources?
I generally was using the the old devhub documentation site + Roblox developer stats on light mode and am quite surprised that we don’t have a light mode for the creator site :frowning_with_open_mouth:


This is cool! Please make it easy to traverse though.


Where is the “Create a new place” button (on Firefox) or was it removed on purpose?

When I click the dropdown menu, horizontal and vertical scrollbars appear larger than they should be, very interesting.


Glad to see some of the old interfaces being touched up. Looks very promising! Hoping this doesn’t come at the cost of UX.


8 months and the Docs Site still doesn’t have the proper functionalities for it to properly replace its DevHub counterpart.

Problems it has had for the last year:

  1. A Comically Oversized UI

  2. Useless Buttons (Apparently this is supposed to expand something but doesn’t work)

  3. Completely unsorted Classes and Datatypes

  4. Ludicrously high memory usage (Can’t even open the page on my phone)

  5. Did I mention there’s no light mode?

In all, 8 months of feedback and little to no change up to its release is extremely worrying. To think of it, that’s usually the story for a lot of Roblox updates these days.


It seems many things on the old documentation website aren’t on the new one such as this tutorial: Building a Basic Car

I don’t know all things that have been left behind or if this problem extends to the other transfers like the marketplace. Are somethings planned to be left behind?

Additionally, will we have categories on the forum to request features for each website? We have a talent hub category, but where should I go for requesting or reporting bugs regarding the creator dashboard or the marketplace?

Should they go here? (Website Features - DevForum | Roblox)

Edit: could right-to-erasure requests be moved to the creator page?