Creator Dashboard to replace the Develop Pages in early 2023

Rare Roblox W for developers thanks Roblox


I hope creating passes will also be possible in January through the creator dashboard.


This doesn’t make any sense at it’s current state, the creator dashboard literally links back to the old develop page for things like Audio uploading (also, the audio page physically does not work!). The entire dashboard is also not as feature rich as the former dashboard, for example there is no way to get to my game-page from the dashboard which means I have to navigate to my game every time I want to make sure a setting update was applied. On the subject of changing settings, half of the time, changes to settings don’t get applied!!!


I really am excited about this strong push to a newer system!

Some of the systems that we use today on a daily basis have been around for such a long time, and were starting to show their age in not only aesthetics, but performance too.

I really hope that the migration from old to new will bring about more effective and efficient workflows. I’ve tried to use the creator hub where possible, however I’ve often found that settings and tools that I need to use aren’t fully ported over, or are missing from some places. So knowing that in January, everything will be ported over is great to hear!

Keep up the great work!


I’m kinda worried, but change is good!

One thing that comes to mind is I don’t remember this bug being addressed that was reported clear back in February:

The creator dashboard page was giving me the wrong dev product IDs entirely!

I really hope that the creator dashboard has 100% of the same feature-completeness as the old page.


Once reading both of these topics in regards to this new website of the platform, I genuinely thought at first that it would be purely confusing to use with tons of different interfaces and configurations, yet as the years have passed, this seems to be constantly improved and to make easier for creators (a.k.a developers) to upload, advertise, etc. I must say that it is pretty good!

Although, a few things that make me confused is how come the options to configure the place > Thumbnails and Icon appears in a different area of the hub instead of showcasing entirely to the Basic Settings area? It quite creates a bit of a situation where you need to go in and out instead of being established into one place… Another is not only the new change of the Developer Forums’ URL link, and yes how it is going to work underneath Creator Hub as being simple to see new announcements of beta resources (at #updates:announcements) that are available for the Roblox Studio engine/the templates and settings of Developer Forums are going to be all transferred into this website.

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Pretty hard to report bugs considering people can’t be ranked up anymore… will ranking ever return?


IIRC (if I remember correctly), the ranking system to level up your Trust Level to Regular is currently still on hold and DevRel stated that they are still re-making… Although, for the meantime, Developers with TL Member can report bugs by producing a private message to @Bug-Support.


Highly agree with this. I sometimes have trouble reading text on dark backgrounds, especially the one that the develop page has, so this would be a really good feature to add.


The “dark mode” on the Creator Dashboard is too harsh. I prefer the color theme of Roblox dark mode on the website or app.


Are all of the features from the old develop page going to be ported over? I observed that some features are outright missing, or they just redirect to the old one.

Also, it would be great if there was a tutorial. This one is much harder to navigate, and I feel a tutorial could help immensely.


Will places in an experience that were created with CreatePlaceAsync ever be available in the Creator Dashboard? You can currently find these at the legacy “Configure Experience” page, under “Created Places”, but there is no way to find these places in the Creator Dashboard.

I REALLY hope Roblox isn’t planning on killing the AssetService create/save place APIs.

created places

Additionally, this bug kinda prevents me from actively using the dashboard to find my experiences: Archived experiences aren't being hidden in some areas
It’s not that easy to quickly locate an experience when a bunch of old archived ones are mixed in.


:confused: i struggle to use the new dashboard, develop page easier for me to navigate


pure feature but a nice bug



hope you will add a portal to the main roblox site…


The only issue with the creator dashboard is that it is confusing to know what features are available in studio and in the dashboard. It would be good if they were all in one place.



When will we get studio on mobile?

This is great! However will we be able to access the dashboard in the roblox app? Im talking about the app on pc, not mobile.

I don’t think Mobile devices can handle studio and if they could it would be very difficult to Navigate through


I know I’m probably part of a minority here but I actually prefer the old develop pages since they have been the only things I knew and used since I startd on Roblox. I am 100% familliarised with the layout and personally find it fine to navigate and use.

Also the dark themes used on the new pages are a bit of an eyesore to me since I grew up with light themes. So either I’d say give us the option of what pages we want to use or add light theme option to the new pages. And this change will probably break any extensions previously used assuming the developers of those extensions don’t update them.