A (temporary) fix for "HTTP 500 (Internal Server Error)"

A lot of people are having issues updating/publishing their models to Roblox.
About two days ago, I’ve experienced the same HTTP 500 (Internal Server Error) issue on my end. Not long enough I’ve discovered a hacky way to temporary bypass the error on Roblox Studio.

If you are experiencing this issue, do the following:

  1. If your place is NOT saved, attempt to close Roblox Studio for the save prompt to appear.
  2. When the save prompt appears, press Save. 1 second later, the save fails, which is a good sign that you’ve bypassed the error.
  3. Attempt to publish/overwrite the model to Roblox again after these steps are done.
  4. BOOM. It saves.

Remember; it is only temporary so the HTTP 500 error may appear again, just do the same steps from this!


Been getting this a lot lately. Has anyone posted a bug report yet? I’d like to keep track of updates on it.

Update: Found a couple.

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I’ve had some similar success by closing out Studio altogether when a model publish has consistently failed a dozen times, and then upon coming back in I can sometimes get a good save or two until the problem presents again. This tells me that the problem is in part the destination giving the bad HTTP responses, but it could also mean that this version of Studio’s management of connections is exasperating the issue.

UPDATE: After the Roblox incident resolution cited in the following thread, I’ve seen a consistent successful publish and can now simply press the button once and just wait and it’s been 100%