Ability to jump to responses from Roblox Staff members

As a member of the Roblox developer forum, it is currently too hard to find posts/replies from Roblox staff members on a thread. Currently, we have to scroll down numerous posts (for large threads) to find a response from a Roblox Staff member.

A case in point is this thread here: Increase Range Limit of Lights which currently has 361 posts. In order to find a posting by a Roblox staff member, if a staff member even posted in the thread, is to scroll through the thread and look at each post.

By having some mechanism to jump to the first post by a Roblox staff member, I can read the original post and then see what a Roblox staff member has to say about it, if they responded at all. If there are multiple posts from Roblox staff members in the thread, there should be a way to jump to those too.

More threads with a large number of posts where this feature would be useful.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience using the forum because it would make it easier to find the most important posts within a large thread (posts from Roblox staff members). If context is needed, one can always look at what was replied to, if anything.


This doesn’t seem good that they get prioritized, everyone being at the same priority makes it more like an discussion, and you can use the search function to find community and staff provided solutions in the thread.


For certain discussions (like the ones listed), you’d want to see staff responses more quickly (for stuff like clarification and/or additional info) than normal responses


I disagree. If a Roblox staff member responds to a topic, it should be prioritized because they are representing Roblox’s official position on the topic. Furthermore, many times I want to just see what Roblox staff has to say about a particular topic and bypass all the “Me Too” responses. Now discussion topics such as what’s in the development discussion may or may not qualify as discussion, but things like bug reports, announcements, and feature requests, I most certainly DO want to see responses from Roblox staff members very quickly.

I wish to point out that Blizzard-Activision’s forums have this feature and it works quite well over there.