Ability to Modify Studio Selection Box Transparency

It’s tiring to constantly go inside the box with your camera to see the actual edge of a brick.
Using some plugins to avoid selection boxes is also inconvinient if someone wants to use vanilla tools.

Full support!


Full support, gets extremely frustrating.


please can we have this

back when I was working with very small increments I had to get up close to the edges to make sure they line up, but I couldnt see because of those darn selection outlines


^thats the reason I stopped using roblox building tools and solely relied on plugins

Of course now I only build in live server…
But still full support


Support! It drives me crazy when I have to de-select everything just to review the small changes I make.


What if the size of the selection box lines were dynamic, based on the distance from the part?

This should solve the “unable to work with small parts” issue.

The ability to hide the selection would still be useful when you want to see what something looks like without the blue selection, but also without losing your selection. I think the most useful way to implement this is a hide/show selection button rather than a Studio setting. Hiding the selection permanently would be rare, I think.

Edit: LineHandleAdornments do this, so I have an excellent example:


I’m all for more customization, though. If we could set the Transparency to 1 right now then I would be able to make a custom LineHandleAdornment selection box plugin that fixes this issue.


I still don’t see the edge.
At least not if I get the camera very close to it, as we can now.


It is hard to see. Part of that is due to the video quality though. Here is a screenshot:

I did notice just now that at a certain distance they do disappear, but it’s super close.


This idea is wonderful and I love it. I am assuming this would be pretty simple to implement as well.


I would love to see this added. I’ve been complaining about the selection-box getting in my way since 2015.

Adding this to studio would make the lives of a lot of builders out there easier.


Have been recently facing issues with the outlines and trying to build precise things. I’d like to see if this topic could be looked into again and I suggest either exposing the selection box instance or an api to the Lua end (maybe via the Selection service) or including a studio setting for the line thickness, line transparency or if the selection box should be enabled at all.

It’s currently very difficult to properly build accurately using Studio tools due to this limitation.


I was going to make a thread about this, but found this already existed so here’s my two cents:

It’s currently very difficult to adjust small incremental movement for Models and Parts, with Model Selection Box twice as thick as a loose selected Part, it’s twice as difficult to see what I’m doing.

This image is two Parts with 0.05 gap in between (which seems small, but I regularly work down to 0.005 of a stud.)

This makes me have to deselect what I’m working on, check the spacing, and re-select - which if I’m working with a bunch of Parts inside various Models can take a lot of time. I can’t group them to make re-selecting easier because they’ll move out of their appropriate Models, so I have to Ctrl + Alt + Click to re-select every Part I’m working with.

I’ll also say that the PrimaryPart’s Line Thickness setting would be ideal if that were also an option for Parts and Models - if it worked.


Huge support!


The Blue Outline that appears when objects are selected is a huge bother to deal with when needing to move parts precisely.

In my case, I am trying to get the edges of my two arcade machines to touch perfectly without overlapping. Whenever I move the arcade machine, I have to deselect it to see if I’ve positioned it correctly and in most cases I have not and in fact I’ve made it worse.

This feature would make it so I don’t need to spend a minute selecting, moving and deselecting my parts that I need to position precisely over and over again. I could simply change the transparency of the handle adornments of Studio tools, so that I can look through them / not have them be visible at all.


Please, this is absurd. It took me multiple attempts at selecting, moving, and deselecting this night light to get it aligned properly because the selection box is literally just as big as it is.

Let us change the thickness and transparency of the selection box, or disable it with a hotkey (Photoshop lets you hide your selection’s bounds with Ctrl+H IIRC).

People have been asking for this forever.


I can’t see what I’m doing. The amount of time I’ve wasted cumulatively trying to work around this selection box is just stupid. I keep deselecting and reselecting things to see what I’m doing.

I need to be able to make this selection box partially transparent so I can see the true edge of the part I’m manipulating.

We have this!! Where is the same control for the selection box?? Even just being able to make it hair-thin would be a huge help.


Does this sink into the part properly? I dunno!


Is this handle connected? No clue! (It’s not)



Is this lined up properly with the cylinder? (No)




Built some things in studio for the first time in a few years and was shocked that this was still not an option.

These settings look promising but only work for PrimaryPart…

There absolutely needs to be a way to disable the selection boxes and change the thickness and color. Sometimes blue does not work in certain environments.


Wait… there hasn’t been a single admin response to this?

This is one of the simplest, but largest quality of life changes I could have at the moment. It’s a problem I run into on a very regular basis, and I can’t see how a change like this could be difficult to implement.

Full support.


Still don’t know how this isn’t a built in feature.
Have to use PeZsmistic’s Studio Tweaks plugin, Devforum post here.


It looks like this might finally be a built-in feature! From the Version 488 release notes:

It’s not transparency like the original request mentioned, but it’ll help just as much.


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