Ability to redesign/add to the esc menu

I currently have my own options menu in my game;

Start a campaign run and hit P. You then also have the ESC menu, completely seperate entities.
I’d like to be able to only have 1 menu, perhaps with multiple ways of getting there, but it annoys me that I now have to leave a constant reminder to players which button the game’s actual menu is.


I agree with the OP

I’m not sure what type of API could be implemented here. We can’t really allow developers to add GUIs to the CoreGui directly, it could be used for phishing and most likely wouldn’t fit with the style of the CoreGui.

What sort of customization were you thinking of?


Sounds like he’s wanting a unification between per-place settings and ROBLOX settings. Maybe a section for game-specific options, an API to add buttons to that, and a way to automatically open that options section?


Game options (gore enabled, etc) and custom keybinds I imagine. That’s what I’d like to add at least.


As mentioned above, its a lot of game-specific options, gore enabled/type, field of view, walkspeed, mouse acceleration disabling/enabling/altering amount, base-mouse movement, enabling/disabling post-processing, crosshairs enabling/disabling (Would also like to add different types) ect.
There is a ton I would like to add and will, but the ability to add/change the menu would just be awesome.
I’d expect if anything was allowed in this form you’d have your basic buttons as a necessity, eg, resume and leave game, as the two minimum requirements, but allowing us to create an options menu, creating an event whenever it is updated and allowing that information to be saved across the game’s places would be immensely helpful.

custom keybinds is bae.
(No idea how a left-hander plays, so I can’t setup a default for them.)

An alternative is to not bring up the ROBLOX menu when escape is pressed, but a prompt for whether you want to open the ROBLOX menu or the game’s menu. That way we can support any setting/etc we want without ROBLOX’s core UI needing to support developer-made contents.

I’m not sure this is the best user experience. The player expects the menu to open when esc is pressed and having an extra prompt to open the menu in some games would just be annoying.

I also don’t like the custom settings solution though because it’s difficult to communicate to players that there are game specific settings in the menu. How will players know that extra settings will be available there without opening the menu to look.

It also needs to be clearly communicated that some settings in the menu are developer settings, this is quite difficult from a design standpoint. It would probably need to be a separate section or page from the rest of the settings.


Something like adding an additional tab, perhaps to indicate its game specific have a controller icon and when you open the tab the head again reads: “Game’s Name Settings” would easily allow a user to quickly identify that this is specific to the game they are playing.

As a developer, I can also setup certain things to prompt a player who may be confused about things to go to that portion of the menu; if the player doesn’t progress through the game where I have ensured they use a specific action/keybind, I can then prompt them to use the keybind, or to go to the settings menu to change the keybind.
This not only tells them that “Hey kiddo, you can rebind your keys”, but puts them in a spot that shows them to all the settings they can tinker with.


Player Joins game, lets say a game about basketball
Player can’t figure out how to throw a ball
X amount of time passes
Developer has set up a timed countdown between the player first recieving the ball and throwing it the first time.
Developer puts a prompt saying: “Mouse to throw ball (or rebind in options)”
Player goes into menu
Player sees Controller Icon Blinking (That would be a handy feature for tutorials/shipping the feature at first)
Player sees and changes relevant settings.

Edit: Off the back of the Blinking Icon and reffering back to one of my earlier posts, being able to prompt the menu being opened to a specific tab, in this case Game Settings, via calling something in the CoreGUI could prove useful

Phantom Forces could utilize this well.