Add a delete option (and not archieve) to every asset created by us

Hello, I’m Ryxku, and I would like to propose a feature to help users avoid receiving DMCA notices for content created in the past.
I suggest implementing a “Delete Forever” button for every asset, including accessories and clothing. I’ve noticed that many individuals on social platforms share their experiences of receiving DMCA bans, particularly related to clothing, and I empathize with them.
It’s disheartening to see people facing consequences for actions they may have forgotten about over time. Considering that many users on this platform are young or minors, we may not be well-informed in DMCA regulations.
I believe Roblox shouldn’t be overly strict, especially considering the frequent creation of assets and the lack of awareness about DMCA among the user base. I’m confident that most individuals facing DMCA issues for basic clothing did not intend to cause trouble.
Please consider my proposal as a means to alleviate the fear of bans and allow users to engage with the platform without constant worry.

After seing this message from another Roblox user. This made me want to react and want to talk about it here.


I agree, except there should be like… a 30 day wait until the asset is actually deleted, where the asset can be recovered to prevent accidental deletions.


Duplicate of this: Allow Item Deletion (and probably many others)


Hey Bryce I didn’t know you made this post before. I want to assure you that this post is not a “duplicate” version of your post.
Compared to your post I propose a clear idea to have an extra button called “Delete Forever” and to wait 30 days to be able to revert the action.
I’m sorry if you got banned for this issue and I wish I could help roblox users in your situation. So if you have new ideas to avoid the DMCA problem, feel free to say it here!


It is worth noting that clothing assets cannot be archived at all so the request that this Tweet would be supporting would rather be a request for clothing assets to be archivable (which is already a request here on the forum and concerns have been raised around people scamming customers via deleting purchased items).

The issue of scamming customers is a difficult issue because you can’t easily prevent it.


I completely agree with what you’re saying. Roblox also forces at least one of your models/packages to show in the creations tab of your profile.


It would be really handy to be able to solve these different problems by putting this delete button everywhere.

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The ability to archive clothing assets has been talked about but hardly addressed as it is surely needed.

You can email with links to the catalog items you uploaded but now want deleted and they say they will follow through with your request within 30 days, however people are saying that no items have been deleted. Some have been waiting over a year.

So far I have seen zero evidence that actually honors requests made users who uploaded clothing assets and now want deleted because they learned from their mistakes.

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Okay thank you Solon, I guess we cant do anything about that then. I’ll close the topic!