Ability to Archive Clothing Assets

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too difficult to manage big clusters of clothing assets.

Reason For Addition?

This feature of archiving clothing assets is essential for anyone that has big amounts of clothing or if any asset has a mistake you would need to re-upload it, in turn the list of assets becomes enormous.

As you can see in this picture, there are many assets and some of them are duplicated because of some mistakes. This clutter can be solved if we were allowed to archive assets from the creation page.

What would it solve?

If this issue is addressed, it would improve my development experience because to manage a big list of clothes is difficult, especially if I wanted to upload a big amount of clothing this list would become a mess.

If I wanted to edit a specific asset, I would have to scroll through this long list to attempt to find the asset I’m looking for. I could easily by 2 clicks remove assets from the page without worrying about looking through any clothes I don’t want or need on the page. This would lessen the time it takes to find clothing and make assets more manageable.


The solution I am suggesting is to add another button to the current existing asset entry, which would be named Archive. This solution would look like something below:



If this doesn’t make the shirt or pants unwearable (like what archiving decals does) by people who bought it in the catalog I would support this idea.


I support this, my Clothing Tab is a mess right now.


We should also be able to archive clothing we uploaded In groups we abandoned


It’s been two years and what has changed? Practically nothing long term.

Developers are unable to archive their own clothing, and Roblox sadly doesn’t prioritise these developers enough to make a difference. People make mistakes but things fall through the cracks. People change, but sadly they’re left waiting for the clock to stop ticking.

From an era where it was acceptable, where the consequences just wasn’t really there, finding out that it wasn’t okay and immediately pulled all the clothing off-sale, emailed the official takedown email. Sadly despite follow up, people got missed. 2017 was 5 years ago, and today developers who changed from clothing to create unique works which doesn’t violate IP laws still have a chain around their neck, a ticking timebomb. How many DMCA takedowns can I take before everything crashes down.

This isn’t some hyperbole, speaking with any of the major uploaders of copyrighted clothing between 2017 and 2018 who since changed course will tell you the worry they have for when their accounts are going to be taken down, or in many taken down already.

These are people who are going to RDC, they’re earning 400 to 500k Robux a day in game dev. Despite emailing IPcontent_removal_request at the first chance (2019), being told it’s all being taken care off, the assets are being removed there is going to be no strike. Twice this year, Roblox changed their mind and issued DMCA strikes.

That email is gone, Roblox support is not interested in helping developers here. They tell you to archive and that they’ve taken in your feedback, without completing the very professional request given from developers that they want the assets gone.

Follow ups today on those 2019 tickets give no help. They are now holding a ticking timebomb, they are without help. I understand that things take longer as the assignment of bandwidth is taken by priority but I urge engineers today to move this up the priority list. Let’s remove this bomb from their necks, for those who still have time left. Who knows how long.

This reply looks at the wider problem, taking a specific case study as well as the wider community affected by the lack of change.

This change should impact everyone, even those missed. But if Roblox wishes to deal with more detail in the edge cases, I’m happy to follow up in private to deal with them directly.

You can contact me here on the forums or reach out to DevRel who can let me know.


I honestly support this, as I have so much messy, unwanted clothing I made from 2015–2022, some of which is duplicated thanks to the buggy website a few years back. My only concern is what would happen to buyers of said clothing once the clothing assets get archived? would they even give notice? a refund (unlikely, but still) or nothing at all?

Quoting what @railworks2 has said, “developers still have a chain around their neck, a ticking timebomb.” I have a ton of weird clothing or clothing that has been reported to the point of false moderation that I sometimes could not even appeal (notably, an example being a shirt supporting Palestine that was mass-reported and eventually taken down for “offsite links”? I am concerned that this moderation against some clothing assets of mine would result in issues that are unfair.


Going to bump this further. My page is LITTERED from crappy clothing that I made when I was 10/11-ish. And it’s not just clothing, this also applies to decals, animations, models, I believe plugins, etc.

I get that we don’t know how the assets are saved and all that, but considering Roblox is giving us new features and trying to improve the platform, they should definitely consider this. I know there are hard-working engineers over there, though we’re not being listened to.


I genuinely hope Roblox makes a feature like this or similar to it. My poor inventory is clogged with garbage I made far back, like 7-8 years ago when I was very young, and it’s awful, along with the fact that I have concerns about how Roblox moderation loves to falsely take down stuff I have not touched in so many years. I not only have awful clothing but also weird decals and audio I want to get rid of, not just delete from my inventory. Getting rid of models is easy as I can just simply override them, although I feel like if such an update were to occur, you should not be able to delete or archive assets until perhaps 5 months after creation.


Adding a bit of an example here, but my buddy used to make flag-related clothing along with clothing that mentions or involves specific political parties, such as the American Republican or Democratic parties or the Soviet Communist Party. In the years he was able to make these, there was really no rule or punishment against them, but as Roblox’s terms of service changed over time, these clothes are basically forbidden now, and he’s now under threat of moderation for making them so long ago, and he cannot do anything about it, and I am under the same problems. This is another reason why I support archiving clothing.


A year has passed since this detailed and comprehensive post, and regrettably, we still find ourselves entangled in the same challenging circumstances. It’s disheartening to witness how Roblox has approached the invaluable feedback and requests from developers, which are pivotal for upholding developer integrity and preventing undue penalties stemming from items we are unable to proactively remove.

This issue, among several others, is in need of prompt and sincere attention. It’s crucial for the well-being of both current developers and clothing designers, who may have unknowingly become entrapped in a convoluted moderation system.

Let us hope for a resolution that benefits everyone involved, especially for the developers being effected currently .


Good news!

I just noticed that Roblox updated the FAQ on a topic they made last month about copyright and IP, and they mentioned this issue. So it seems like they are finally looking into it.

Hoping for the best.


This update is surely needed. It’s amazing how Roblox Support will tell you to “Archive an Asset”, yet the very option to archive these assets isn’t even available. 2D Clothing is a policy grey area that must be addressed.

In my experience it seems that even contacting Roblox support to remove the very assets themselves (since we, the users, obviously can’t do it) falls on deaf ears.


Apparently you can email copyright_agent@roblox.com with a list of assets that you want removed, but so far I haven’t had much luck with this.

I tried contacting them earlier this year and they quickly got back to me, saying that my requested assets should be removed within 30 days.


Well, it’s been 246 days since March 7 and I still haven’t gotten a single asset removed. I followed up twice, and while they actually do respond, so far nothing has really come out of this.


I’m hoping that, with experience ownership transfer on the horizon, we’ll also get to see asset ownership transfer. At least that way I can just transfer all the clothes I want to get rid of over to a dummy account, instead of keeping them directly tied to my account forever, especially since I don’t exactly want to permanently delete some of my clothes, but rather just not have them be accessible under my username anymore.

Archiving would solve this, since archived assets can be restored at any time, but I feel like Roblox would only rather support permanent deletion for avatar items.


Yup. Same exact thing.

Looking around on the Dev forums for people in similar situations, I have yet to see a single instance of ROBLOX successfully fulfilling a request by the uploader to remove an asset.

Edit: 246 days??? That’s completely unacceptable on Copyright_Agent@roblox.com’s part.

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The chances of them doing anything when contacted are slim to none.

I don’t even think I will email them because it seems like it’s so pointless with so many complaints about the copyright agent.

My inventory is cluttered with garbage and stuff I don’t want to simply take off sale but literally wipe off the site as a whole.

I have embarrassing clothing from 2015–2017 that is just random images I upload as t-shirts and shirts/pants too, which I want to get rid of.

I understand that the copyright agent email is very likely not a bot but a real person behind it, so they’re going to have a lot of stuff on their hands, but if Roblox in recent times has been so worried about copyright and IP usage, then maybe more people should be part of the copyright agents? Idk, I am not into Roblox’s corporate structure or whatever.

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Update regarding my status: I just received my first DMCA ever, and I have no hopes of appealing it because I cannot archive.


Same, this account got deleted for multiple DMCA’s which I was unable to take down.

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Classic Clothing existed since 2007 or 2008. It really is insane that during all this time Roblox has not developed a way for anyone to archive or delete such assets. That’s plenty of time to develop a system for assets requested to be deleted.


Bumping this again due to the recent situations with the DMCA takedowns. This was suggested years ago and still hasn’t been added, and it’s a features we need. It’s a no brainer as well, since decals have this option so it wouldn’t even be that hard to script. Come on, Roblox. Help us out here.


My theory why clothes archiving isn’t a feature is that some people might have bought the clothes before, which clothes cost robux.

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