Add a 'PSA' topic under development discussion

Hello Developers,

As well all know, #development-discussion has been a huge issue since it was opened up to members. Many ideas have been thrown out, but most of them are counterintuitive to the original idea of keeping it open so everyone can discuss.

I believe if we can add a ‘PSA:’ type thread pinned to the top of #development-discussion, people might take notice, and not post off topic there. Here are 2 examples of ‘PSA:’ type threads:

Both of these threads are at the top of #collaboration, as shown below:

To my knowledge, #development-discussion does not have this type of thread, as shown below:

These threads are somewhat effective; while #collaboration still has issues, it is not as common as off-topic posts are in #development-discussion. If needed, I can write a thread under #bulletin-board and if staff/sages like it, you can use it.

If I made a mistake here please do not hesitate to let me know.

Thank you.


This is something that could change #development-discussion for the better! If this were posted, it would show the do’s and dont’s of the category which would reduce the number of topics that aren’t qualified under that category.


Only by a small bit the topics that don’t fit the standard of the category would go away, we still get a ton of toxicity in #collaboration. So much calling out goes on in #collaboration. Startin arguments about people stealing work and claiming it as their own, calling out for scams, it’s just a mess and there is a psa attached to #collaboration, yet nobody reads it. It is just another pinned post to ignore.

Maybe there is another way of solving this problem that isn’t “just flags” since flags are only a band-aid solution. Flags don’t fix the underlying issue of the people there not thinking their topics through before posting or jumping on popular trends (like blaming adopt me for roblox going down temporarily) just for some likes.


I don’t think we need more forum meta. People don’t actually read these topics before posting.