Add Premium Modal Cuts

It’s hard to find an incentive to insert the Premium Purchase modal into our games.

For those who don’t know what that is, it’s an optional pop-up you can add which asks the player if they’d like to purchase Premium.

More on it here.

Without several months of statistics, it’s hard to know how much indirect Robux you’ll earn from Premium Payouts.

Why not give us Robux when a player buys Premium from your game?

It would be the equivalent to Star Codes, where Youtubers can get a cut of the purchase when a fan buys Robux.

TL;DR: Give a cut on initial purchase.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because we could add Premium Purchase Modals to our games without feeling like there’s no benefit.

Thanks to @Maxx_J, @fireboltofdeath, @WhoseTrade, and @brokenVectors for some help in writing this feature request.


I support this entirely! As a average Roblox user and developer who sees these pop-ups and also configuring or forking it into some of my projects, I can safely say that the ability for R$ to be earned whenever buying Roblox premium inside a game for cosmetics and rewards in it is lacking a lot and feels lot more than a real “scam” by Roblox and sad that they’re not receiving the R$ they bought.

Anyway, this seems like a nice feature to add but also disappointing that this hasn’t been said or added a couple of months ago when this was new and up for developers and users to configure and buy through games. I’ve had some issues with this once in June where I bought premium in a game and never got the R$ I’ve received, didn’t care that much.

A couple of friends of mine and a brother have bought premium through games and unfortunately, they expect some R$ to be transferred into their account and buy some nice gamepasses or accessories which is disappointing at most parts.

At the moment, this feels like a scam to most Roblox users who buy it through games, it doesn’t seem right.


I have a model all ready for when this becomes a reality, until then, it stays in server storage. Your move Roblox.

The disappointing “popular among premium” sort (due to how only ultra popular games will get on it anyway) gives me absolutely no incentive to add this model to my game without the OP ideas.