Align Tool Full Release

Hello developers!

Last summer, we shipped a preview release of our new Align tool, under the Plugins tab. Based on your feedback, we’ve made some changes, and we’re excited to promote it to a fully-released tool under the Model tab, starting today.

First, we’ve made its design smaller and responsive. You can resize the window to be much narrower.

Next, we added a preview. When your mouse is over the tool panel, you’ll see a yellow bounding box appear around your selection. Based on if you have 1, 2, or 3 axes picked, you’ll see a plane, line, or point indicating exactly where your objects will align.

Finally, we added support for local space alignment so that if you have a rotated object, you can align relative to it. Check out this video to see the preview and local space alignment in action.

We’ll be rolling this out to all users over the next few weeks, but if you’d like these changes immediately, you can manually enable them by going to File > Beta Features and selecting Align Tool Improvements.

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.


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Although my bug report itself was never directly addressed, the bug has been resolved as a result of this update and I appreciate that. Whereas before the align tool would cut off at smaller sizes, the fully released too will not. Thanks for this!

Old tool:


New tool (fabulous):


Bug report:

Much love! Thank you for continually listening to community feedback. I plan to use this tool more frequently than I usually do due to this simple fix. :heart:


Oh, finally! This looks so nice!!!


I hope you guys can make it just like the resize align plugin tools :grinning:


Love this, hopefully will make symmetry far easier.

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Really great work with this. The options are easy to figure out, and the visualizations are straight forward. Really seems like it’s flying under the radar strangely enough. This will save a lot of time building repetitive man-made structures.


This is amazing! I can finally not have to worry about having to check if I have the correct alignment. I can use the Align tool! :+1:

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Wait what? I thought this was released years ago?

I never really liked it, never really used it, my problem is really that it just takes space on plugins

Am I the only one who thought this was released forever ago?

The one you’re referring to was in beta testing. Now it’s fully released. to the public.


Still gotta love how this plugin has 76,000 lines, is there some internal reason why you cant just use CorePackages?

Memes on plugins having the packages on-board aside, this plugin is pretty useful, probably wont use it myself that much, but definitely something builders have wanted for a while.

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Now I dont have to use the move button to keep moving the parts! :sunglasses:

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The gears are turning but they take a while to come up to speed. By this time next year things will be better deduped, whether through CorePackages or some other mechanism.


This great update for building realistic builders!
One thing i hope you could add is maybe add a preview of where the block go.

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Thanks, I had no idea this tool existed until I saw it next to scale/move/rotate tools.

Very handy tool!


I never thought it would be THIS much useful!
Instead of copying position properties to center my parts, I can easily use this feature. This is perfect for making Roundified parts and cylinder faces.

Thanks again for this cool feature!

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This is going to be awesome! I used to have to download plugins to move objects like this!

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Just recently saw this in the plugins tab and it is extremely helpful! Thanks to the Engineering Team!

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FINALLY! This is amazing. Long have I been oh, so frustrated by these crappy alignments. I’m glad the full release is now so we can preview what it would look like without having to realign. This just looks great.