Allow 10 free badges for each game

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to add badges to your group game when you don’t have any group funds. Currently you need to pay a fee of 100 Robux for creating a badge on Roblox, which means that for new groups or people with low/none group funds, it is almost impossible to add badges to their games.

I propose to give all games access to 10 free badges, and only charge when the developer tries to add more than 10, rather than all of them costing 100R$. Rather than them being entirely free, there is a limit of 10 free badges to prevent abuse.

With 10 free badges for each game, it would be enough to launch your game with some rewarding badges, then you can earn the Robux and choose for 100 Robux each if you want to add more badges to the game.

The limit to have at least 10 free badges will be a big improvement for young developers (just started), or people that don’t want to spend 1000 Robux for a few badges or those who have no group funds.

A possible problem I see with this feature is that scam games/users could use it to spam 10 badges into player’s inventories with potentially bad content on them such as off-site “free robux” links, but the benefit of the feature would outweigh this problem and moderation can deal with this problem on a case by case.

Thank you for reading, and let know what you think of this idea.


I agree, this would be cool


They could make it so that when a game is “scrubbed” it automatically removes the badges as well, if they don’t already.


I very much agree. Similar to how thumbnails became free, amount of groups, etc, we should have a certain amount of a feature allowed for the general public, no payments or membership limitations. I believe that 10 badges may be a little too much to offer, as most games already have less badges than that amount in total. Maybe lowering it down to 5 or 3 would be wiser and less harmful on Roblox’s databases.

Despite the convenience of badges, one may also manually build an in-game badge system, especially to achieve certain features, such as checking for badges as milestones or parameters, or as an in-game social aspect.


Duplicate of Remove badge uploading fee


Not quite, they are different sentiments. This post is specifically arguing that the badge uploading fee shouldn’t be removed, so we put it in its own thread.


Roblox added free badges per day.


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