Alternative for Photoshop?

So, I’m looking to use more ImageLabels so I can customize my buttons with different shapes and whatnot. A lot of people suggest Photoshop but I’m not at the spot where I’m looking to use the money right now, so a free one would be great. I’m not that experienced with making GUI or not even a professional yet so I don’t need anything major, just something that can get the job done.
So perhaps do any of you guys have an alternative for Photoshop to make better shapes such as circles, smoother edges, fonts, and things like that?

Thanks guys appreciate it! :slight_smile:

I use’s online image editor, it’s a little clunky but it’s a basic, free photoshop program that runs in-browser.

However, I use Adobe Illustrator for UI design, I think that might actually be more long the lines of what you need but like Photoshop it does require payment.

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GIMP is a good software to use.

By the way, if you do want to spend money on something in the future, I suggest getting Adobe Illustrator, instead of Photoshop for UI. Illustrator was pretty much made for UI.




PDN ( is a great alternative. I use it mainly for logos, but it’s really useful for things such as thumbnails and place icons! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Can all of these make the background transparent?


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awesome ty

Along with @Raven_Incendria, I’d suggest using as well. I’d recommend getting some plugins for it too, as they can go a long way. I’ve used it for a few years (Not much progress, honestly, I mainly do it as a minor hobby), but it’s really easy to learn. Just search up on Google “ Plugin Pack.” You should find an awful lot, seeing as how is community driven.

Great tutorial for how to install the plugins and a good few of them are good plugins as well.

Great plugin pack, DPY makes really good plugins.

The interface on these plugins isn’t anything like Photoshop or something, but once you get the hang of them, I’m sure that you can achieve similar results with The only thing that is lacking is a Taper effect. It’d be really useful.

Anyways, I hope I may have persuaded you to join the Cult of If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

EDIT: I thought it might also be useful to know that the website is actually “”


where can I find \program files\Paint.NET\effects? or how can I access it?

Yes, and it’s very simple.
Select the magic wand from the toolbar, click the white-space, then press delete on your keyboard.

Additionally, if you can’t get PDN to suit your needs, GIMP is good. For custom and interesting text fonts I’ve always used - it enables you a lot of Photoshop-esque features.


Do you have a Mac or Windows? If you have Windows, do you have Windows 10 or Windows 7?


I believe that’s a similar method to Windows 10.

First, you have to download and locate it on your computer.

You then open the file location (right click and it should display it there, as in the GIF.)

You then right click on it again to open the file location (again, as this simply took you to the shortcut, not the actual file location.)

90 percent of all plugins will go into the “Effects” folder.

You then take all the downloaded plugins and move them to the folder.


Here are user-made tutorials on GIMP, Illustrator, and Paint-net

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Thanks for tagging my post on PaintDN, and sharing that around.

As far as the OP, definitely check out my Tutorial linked in Jorito’s reply, and if you have any questions feel free to DM me, or post to that thread where I or others may provide help!

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Thanks guys, I’ll be going with PDN. Still, thank you all for helping me.


Remember that there is a search feature :wink:

Here are some similar questions (with my replies quoted because Affinity is also a good alternative):