AMP - Array Modifier Plugin v[1.1.1]


Update 1.1.1 is out!

Hey y’all!

Happy New Year! :fireworks:

I’m posting this post on the first minute of 2021 for me.

Anyway, this is my first ever plugin called Array Modifier Plugin (AMP). It is specifically designed to create repetitive, array-like structures with just a few clicks. Just be aware that when reaching out about bugs/features, I may be delayed in responding to you or updating the plugin as I’m quite busy, however, I’ll try my best.

AMP was inspired by Blender’s array modifier, in which I really wanted the feature (and the convenience) to ship over to Roblox. After creating a feature request, I decided to take on the job myself. So, the plugin was born. There are certain advanced features left out for now, but it also hosts several new modes.

Here is the tweet for it, if anyone’s interested.

More Resources

:clock10: Time Formatting Module :wrench: Array Modifier Plugin :books: ListLib


The features range from the most basic to bit more advanced. There is quite a lot to cover about to them, so the documentation below is your best friend. Here are a few top features:

  • ability to customize array part rotation behavior (global or local)
  • ability to combine both types of offsets (constant and relative) to suit any situation
  • a new mode called “endpoint incremental” – a simple and flexible way to create the array
  • update 1.1.1 - endpoint incremental allows 2+ parts, meaning you can create beautiful polygonal structures!
  • real-time preview that updates with the part
  • user-friendly layout/behavior as well as automatic cleanup to ensure convenience
  • almost real-time update notifier – as soon as a new plugin version is detected, the notification pops up within the widget within 10 minutes
  • more that I have planned out (curves, endpoint incremental but with 2+ parts, object transformations, etc.)

It is elegant and easy to use. If you find anything not UX friendly, please reach out.

Possible Creations

These two below are using endpoint incremental with transform on. Have one part at the bottom and one at the top that’s a bit rotated. Having count be reasonably high helps with the smoothness.


You can find almost all the information here:

If you have any further questions, please feel free to DM or reply here.


Get the plugin:


Change Log
  • v[1.0.0] - 01/01/2021 - Release
  • v[1.1.1] - 01/18/2021 - 3 features, 2 patches, 1 change; added features:
    • endpoint incremental with 2+ parts
    • help plugin toolbar button
    • remove button to remove the added modifier
    • click the link for the patches and changes
Known Issues
  • While the modifier is applied to parts, they will not comply completely with the undo/redo behavior; just be cautious when undoing or redoing
  • Until I perfect text box masking, try not to enter invalid inputs (i.e. non-numbers).
Todo List

Here is the priority level legend:
[1] High (almost guaranteed)
[2] Moderate (50/50)
[3] Low (taken into consideration only after above priorities are fulfilled)

  • [1] Working out the undo/redo behavior
  • [2] Improving endpoint incremental with 2+ parts
  • [3] Object transformations
  • [3] Fit to curve, with full-fledged curve creation

Closing Remarks

This is my first plugin and I’m open to feedback.

How do you rate your overall experience with the plugin?
Bugs, features, UX, behavior, everything

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As already said, reach out with any comments/concerns,
And have a Happy New Year/New Year Eve! :fireworks:


How you did this?


The plugin doesn’t has a rotation offset

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  1. Have two parts, a large one at the bottom and a small one at the top.
  2. Rotate the top part to anything different than the bottom part, the more the difference in rotation the more “curvy” the result.
  3. Select the two parts and choose Endpoint Incremntal as the array type.
  4. Check the checkbox called Transform so that it’s on. This will make it so that the parts in between rotate as well as they go from the bottom to top.
  5. Now increase the count. The more the parts, the smoother it looks. I’d recommend an amount where there is minimal visible space between without overlapping.

Tip: read the documentation to get a better insight of the features.

I plan on adding object transformation like Blender, which will be another alternative to this. Stay tuned for that!

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Update + Patch 1.1.1


This has new features AND certain fixes!


  • 3 new features
  • 2 patches
  • 1 change

New Features

F1. Help Widget

Quickly see what each setting does. You will now see image button in the plugin toolbar. Here’s a screenshot:

F2. Endpoint incremental with 2+ parts

You can select more than 2 parts and have endpoint incremental create the desired number of numbers in between; for example, a triangle:

F3. Remove button

Just like how you add the modifier to a part, you can also remove it. The feature also works with multiple parts selected, in which all those parts will have the array modifier removed.

It will be denoted by this button at the bottom of the widget:



P1. No script injection permission needed

This was a shocker for both me and you, I know this may have alarmed you before, but the permissions were only asked because of the way I set up my plugin structure.

Note: This, for some reason, only applies to new plugin users. For existing users, you can deny the permission in the plugin management window and the plugin will run with no problems. It’s just that the listing of that permission will stay forever, even after uninstalling and reinstalling.

P2. Performance improvements

With adding multiple parts at once, the process is now fast and efficient! It used to freeze for a second before, which turned out to be excessive looping, but that’s now fixed.


C1. Better UI

I changed the hover and click effects to be more subtle and stylish. There is also some non-intrusive outlines to separate certain UI elements.

I have updated the document as needed, but please inform me about any outdated info or iamges


I’ve been working on a similar plugin and saw this! It’s not exactly the same as yours so no worries but I gotta say, great job on the UI.

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That is absolutely fine, this is a relatively basic plugin. I made mine unique with endpoint incremental, it’s really cool to see everyone adjust it to their liking.

As per the UI, thank you. I actually plan on eventually using my own UI system instead of the StudioWidgets, which are a bit off my par, but that’s very low priority right now.

Stay tuned for some extravagant features!

Yes, what you’re talking is endpoint incremental. It serves to create a set number of parts (which you can control) between two “endpoint” parts. Look at the documentation real quick, if not here’s an image anyways:

Now with the recent update, I’ve added a way to do this with 2+ parts!


If you turn on the checkbox called “Transform,” it will actually gradually transition the size and orientation of the parts, allowing for some cool curvy shapes, like this:

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I didn’t see the documentation somehow. :flushed: Sorry!

I just took a look at this plugin and OH MY GOD this will save stupid amounts of time for me! Like…

  • Skyscraper windows

  • Stairway to Heaven


This is a super useful plugin, thanks for creating it! One thing that I would love to see would be support for blending between the colours of the end points, so that we can create gradients with parts. If you do end up adding that, I would use this plugin all the time!

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