Announcing Messaging Service API for Open Cloud

Hey developers,

Over the past few months, we’ve been working hard on adding more of the features you have requested to Open Cloud, and we’re excited to announce that the Messaging Service API is now available to everyone!

We believe that making the Messaging Service API accessible outside of experiences will be incredibly valuable to the developer community. Before this release, all messages sent within an experience had to be persisted within code, which would require a subsequent update for any changes. With the new API, you can now send messages directly to your live servers without changing any code. This opens the door for many exciting use cases, such as sending live announcements, running LiveOps events, or banning bad actors in real time, etc.

The vision for Open Cloud is to empower an application ecosystem where you can either build or find all the tools you need. Having a rich set of APIs is at the core of this initiative. We started with the Place Publishing API and earlier this year added Datastore APIs.

In addition to releasing this API, we have accomplished many internal milestones, which will accelerate the process of offering many more Open Cloud APIs to you in the future. Stay tuned!

To get started, check out our Guide and API reference. You can also go to the Creator Dashboard to create your API keys.

Let us know if you have any feedback! We can’t wait to see the amazing tools you will build with the APIs!

Cheers to higher efficiency,
The Roblox Creator Services Team


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All I hear is blahblahblah let’s ban some people from the experience using Discord.

In full seriousness, the power a developer can weild between a Discord bot and messaging service is powerful, to say the least.

I can change player data, unlock content manually, or remotely check on logs. Possibilites are endless, so thanks to say the least!


any idea if we could get APIs for receiving messages? Perhaps through a websocket or webhook?


Wait so does that mean you can use the Messaging Service API to Punish People in my game with my Discord Bot?

If so, that’s incredible!

I literally can’t wait to add this to my bot.


I love this.
This will help greatly.


This is a great update but the tutorial isn’t really much of a tutorial :grimacing: :skull_and_crossbones:


This is amazing, you have no idea how long I’ve waited for this. However I have to say the tutorials are a little confusing for beginners, some examples would be appreciated.


I feel as though the API Documentation in itself is sufficient


Glad to see more APIs getting open cloud support. It’s also nice that APIs that have no existing counterpart are being prioritized first.

So much possibility for automation.

My only question is: what’s next? Is there any sort of timeline / plan?

Great update, keep it up!


Looks great, plan to use this right away.

For anyone who wants a way to use this without writing any code, stop by the OpenCloudTools thread this weekend. I’ll have a new release supporting this API no later than Sunday.

Edit: This is available now, earlier than expected.


cc @Csdi

While examples using curl are provided, it would be nice to have a few examples in various methods / languages, like for example GitHub does.



What are the limits for this open-cloud API, I’m assuming it shares the same limits as Messaging Service, or does it have separate limits like the Datastore Service API?

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They will have separate limits defined in API reference.


This seems rather coincidential; I made a post asking if this was possible yesterday involving a rather roundabout method of communicating between servers by using a fake client.

Except now you can do it directly!

Well done to the engineering staff involved in making this possible! I anticipate a lot of much more in-depth statistics becoming available now, in-game statistics.


You can already do this on any standard web server with a get/post request. Websockets will never be added for security reasons.


Oh, I didn’t see that.

Nice to see Roblox moving over to per-player-in-experience stats for requests-per-minute, was incredibly annoying to make my application scale with the Datastore APIs having a fixed limit.


Wow, this is so useful! I can’t even begin to explain…Actually, I will! I remember thinking of multiple different ways to get around the fact that I wanted to run server events or other things for every single server within my Roblox experience from something outside of Roblox like Discord, and it’s finally feasible. Thank you!


I’ve set up my own test bed to try out this update though I’m having issues with the response from running the POST request on the url returning “Status Code: 200 OK” but my ingame scripts never receive anything regardless of what the status code says. My url looks like this


Was the server you joined live while you sent the request? Only servers that are on when the request is sent will recieve the message.