Announcing the New Roblox Creator Roadmap (Part 1 of 4)

I actually like how they’re improving the code assist because it was so horrible that it cannot even script a kill brick, also the thing where everyone can make their UGC it’s a good thing because It’s hard for people to submit and become one themselves, and I’m not a UGC creator and I really wanted to, but I didn’t have the capability to do now I can do it without being worry about not being in the UGC program

Also the thing that I dislike about is Bodies and Animated Faces bc I think people will figure out a way to make it disturbing, I don’t know maybe have better moderation to make the catalogue cleaner.

Those are all my thoughts and my opinion also everything else is good to be honest, and I don’t think those other things matter a lot.

That’s all.


hopefully the new facemasks trend gets separated into a different category just for them, i can’t detect the difference between one of those or sunglasses in a game


while I do appreciate the upcoming features and more transparency here, the major one that worries me is giving everyone UGC perms. Have any of the people who made this decision checked the 2d clothing catalog? its filled with copies of the same clothes!

what if the same thing happens to UGC Hats?

is there going to be better moderation for the UGC catalog? :cold_sweat:

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If you weren’t aware, Roblox started out as a 2D Physics lab for students around the world to use in physics classrooms. I’m rightful in questioning why Roblox doesn’t have what it used to. Additionally, I used other engines, namely Unreal and Unity, before coming to and settling on Roblox.

I’m also able to- if given time and resources, to help create a 2d engine/physics if Roblox needed the ‘man power’ as it seems they do.

That conservative mindset is one I don’t agree with. Stating there are better options- that I don’t ignore, but rather come from -doesn’t exactly help the situation. Roblox boasts about creating an ecosystem when I’m here to point it out for what it is, a flawed, outdated thing that needs to change.

Whilst, sure, that’s a factor in a way- that’s not what I was talking about at all. I don’t mean, in that quote, to be speaking of individual developers, but rather how Roblox can do a good thing for all and then turn around and rip things away from us. The developer star program or whatever is quite a great example of that, or the crown of o’s, or the video frames.

‘Here devs, have this cool thing… but actually, it’s going away or we ignore it later. :)’

Yeah, I’m all for some limits, but a full-on ‘no’?

They’ve also removed things that have made it worse. Filtering by categories, or how recommendations have deteriorated more than ever to be popular 2.0.

Some stuff to look at:

I don’t mean to be pessimistic. In fact, I am fond of many things Roblox has made/done. I’ve been able to- at times -get in touch with staff members about issues and have things seen through to an extent.

Xbox feature requests that are years old finally getting responses, the state of making a feature request as a member trust level on the forums being an issue, that feedback program I heard back from yet am still not apart of.

And, I’d like to stress to point that Roblox seems to be understaffed for what they’d like to do/need to do. This is due to many reasons, one of which being the jobs/careers page being flawed. I can’t get into contact with anyone.

I can go on, but I just want to say that I love what opportunities I’ve been given. I enjoy creating on this platform and want to see it grow, I want to make this platform better. Not being able to make a feature request and bug reports as a member (trust level on the forums) effectively is holding the platform back. Many things are holding Roblox back, I wish to change that. That means I got to be blunt about some of this stuff sometimes. Take the company core values into account and whatnot.

Anyhow, this is just part 1 of 4 so I guess I’ll hold my entire judgement till I see more.


Will this new roadmap include things on the website? And if it does, can we please submit requests because there are some things that I think would help creators a lot on the website (not the Roblox website in general, just the “Create” portion of the website. An example of a change that people have been requesting for ever since 2018: Link).


I am very, very worried if you decide to go through with a completely public community-led marketplace.

Community-led Marketplace - All creators can publish avatar items to the Marketplace, including Limiteds (Late 2023)

“All creators” could refer to verified users only. But then again, it could also refer to everyone who can create… which is everyone on the platform. Some more details on this would be appreciated.

I believe it isn’t hard to visualize the chaos the marketplace would be in if everyone had the ability to upload avatar items. You’ve had problems regarding Roblox-created copies, as well as copyright infringing items sneaking its way onto the marketplace before. If you open the gates to what could essentially be millions of people, those problems will just skyrocket and make it much harder to moderate than before.


I’m glad mobile is finally getting future lighting, as I’m working on a game that heavily uses future lighting and ray tracing.


This really looks cool! I cannot wait! :sunglasses:


I am definitely looking forward to this.


How ever I must express some of my concerns. With opening the UGC to all creators I do feel that there has, and I mean HAS to have some good moderation. Roblox already has a problem with bypassing Shirts, along with Audios. I do fear that allowing these malicious creators have access to a new type of possible bypassing will be horrible for the Platform. The last thing we need is having Extremely inappropriate avatars walking around by Trolls/Online Daters ETC. This could easily flood Roblox Moderation with having to take down a new type of bypassing market. As they already seem to struggle with finding and taking down the current bypasses.

So if there were to be an open UGC market I feel that it would be VITAL to have a completely revamped moderation system in the item approved/disapproved UGC’s. Like actual human moderation for every item. How ever this could be bad with Millions of people uploading UGC’s. So That is my current concerns.

Anyone else have any other concerns? Feel free to let me know I would be curious to hear them!


I understand the point of a change like this, but I feel it would make it even harder for new games to become popular, or new genres.

Take for example a story game. If one has a much better plot but doesn’t have the enhanced support and features that come with it, players will generally pick a game that feels more immersive, being the bigger game. Of course, this depends if both games are built with realism in mind or not.

This kinda ties onto @ThunderingKey 's first point about equality.


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I wish they clarify “creators” cause if they plan to let everybody upload hats then let blue checkmarks upload for free while others pay 2500/5000/7500 robux per uploaded hat. I know it sounds kinda bad but it should allow moderators more time to moderate the said assets.

Edit: I said blue checkmarks should be free to upload cause they supposedly already make money for Roblox.


this is flipping awesome
blah blah filler


This Is Great, But nothing about UGC Events and i thought we would have seen something about this way before ugc limiteds , cool stuff though and thanks for doing this

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We appreciate your feedback and the interest other creators have shared here regarding the future of the UGC Creator Program and Marketplace. In the coming weeks, we will be sharing our vision for the Marketplace alongside other product updates. Thank you for your patience.



Questions For Roadmap

First the transparency and goal of the developer roadmap is pretty awesome and seeing it return is even better, cause at the end of the day this is more improved communication, Its also nice to hear from the chief product officers at roblox as we dont really get to know much information about the amazing dedications that go on behind the scenes to work on the platform and revolutionize it for the future.

I Have a few questions about the roadmap and mostly related to the catalog and how some things are generally missing with things the community has been wanting for a long time, Many people including UGC Creators, community members and just people who play roblox want to know.


  • Is The Roadmap for catalog features fully announced or is there more ?, as we have so much missing in catalog transparency. UGC Events ?, we haven’t heard a single sentence about them since they where first announced. UGC Events would be a good feature now as UGC Limiteds releasing before was unexpected, we would like to know more on this and how the community can use it. Since the announcement in 2022 about how we would be able to give accessories away for free and got nothing since but UGC Limiteds first has left everyone curious as this roadmap goes way into the future and explains nothing for User generated events and the expansion of user generated content.

  • Sponsored Limiteds, We have seen no information or any new ones for a while since the man city crown and any limited information for brands or sponsors. It just feels odd to see nothing interesting from a Brand or company popup for a while when these are some good media attention and well liked accessories for people to go get. Some of these created well made roblox accessories and events and we would to know more about this and these.

  • Roblox Limiteds and how roblox would turn offsale accessories limited like the company did throughout 2022 and early 2023 when will that start again?. Lots of community posts all over social media asking about people wanting to know how long the UGC Rollout lasts so we can see a continuation and more offsale items go collectible. Users such as @Linkmon99 and others have asked about this here
    Example : Announcing Limiteds for the UGC Program [Marketplace] - #147 by Linkmon99
    on the devforum and they want to know when this feature returns as nothing has been added to the roadmap.

The Community want to know more and further elaboration into the deep dives of the work that is going on catalog wise and the announcements that we have gotten but haven’t seen as of now.

Will the catalog be talked about more in a future roadmap week, if so i may expect a lot of these to be talked about, it just from the titles doesnt seem clear for any more to be added and there is so much missing with the announcements and what the community wants ?


To add to this, one other category I wanted to emphasize is the lack of UI related features still. This includes things such as getting the color of a pixel at a specific point, being able to set the size to a negative value to invert/mirror an image (this would be especially useful for mirrors), and the inability to apply rendering effects to UI without a hacky solution (such as UI blur that can only be done via non-ScreenGui types of Gui, which requires much more effort than what should be required).

Quick points from above:

  • Pixel color at screen point
  • Invert/Mirror images/UI elements (via negative size) (Especially ViewportFrame)
  • UI render effects (such as blur)

I love the topics and issues Roblox goes over with the community. All of these seem especially good, I can’t wait to see all of the new features Roblox will offer and explore in the future!

Also can’t wait for the Q&A they will have. Looking forward to all the conversations!


Hi - we released a new version of the client this week that fixes some issues, possibly yours. If you’re still having issues, please message me privately so I can help find out the root cause.


I think that there will be a heavy moderation system where humans manually check each item to make sure it is not stolen, copyrighted, etc.
That would probably make it a bit less crowded

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omg I can’t wait! what’s new :grey_question:

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