Ability to re-arrange the order in which badges are displayed


As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to organise or arrange badges after uploading them without deleting them entirely and requiring everybody who earned the badge to re-earn the badge, which would also put a duplicate badge in their inventory.

The ability to organise badges would allow developers to do something like place certain badges to be grouped with similar ones, and order each badge in the group by their tier or difficulty.


I know it has been a few months since this was posted, but this would be a great feature for me. My game uses a LOT of badges [20+], and the ability to reorganize them would be a HUGE help to me.


Bumping this because this is also a feature I’d like added. When I’m involved with events in a game with 10+ badges it’s hard to show users “look at the new badges you can earn!” and I’d like to put those on top over all of the existing badges so it’s the first ones they see.