Ability to re-arrange the order in which badges are displayed

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to organise or arrange badges after uploading them without deleting them entirely and requiring everybody who earned the badge to re-earn the badge, which would also put a duplicate badge in their inventory.

The ability to organise badges would allow developers to do something like place certain badges to be grouped with similar ones, and order each badge in the group by their tier or difficulty.


I know it has been a few months since this was posted, but this would be a great feature for me. My game uses a LOT of badges [20+], and the ability to reorganize them would be a HUGE help to me.


Bumping this because this is also a feature I’d like added. When I’m involved with events in a game with 10+ badges it’s hard to show users “look at the new badges you can earn!” and I’d like to put those on top over all of the existing badges so it’s the first ones they see.


Bumping this after a whole year. Still wanting this, as I’m confident many others do as well. This would be incredibly helpful with making your badges just look that little bit more tidy and clean.


Bumping this because I would love to get this feature added. For instance, for my game ‘No-Jumping Obstacle Course’, if I add a new zone badge for completing a certain level, it’s going to be incredibly awkward since the ‘Meet 2Hex’ badge is going to be in the middle of the Zone badges. It would be better to have my ‘Meet 2Hex’ badge placed at the top rather than being scattered in the middle because it wouldn’t make sense.

Excuse the Pepe images, I’m in a middle of remaking them…


As a developer, I want my game page to look as good and proper as possible. This includes the badges list. Currently, and as the way it has always been, badges are displayed in the order of which they were created.

This creates the issue in which if you have a group of badges that are acquired through similar means, and upload more separately after uploading other badges, they appear disjointed. Here’s a case:

As you can see, I uploaded the Silver level award after the others, which is awarded between two of the other levels (copper & gold), as I thought of it later on. I would love to to be able to organise the order in which they are listed.

(Also, I added another higher level award and it’s all the way at the bottom! How will my playerbase know it exists without trekking through the whole thing?)

 **Possible Solution**

SoundCloud has a great organisation system for albums where you can drag and drop the individual tracks on top of each other.

A great place for this would be on the badges section of the development tab on your game.

This doesn’t have to be done in the website, but perhaps dragging/dropping the order in the studio Game Settings tab would be easier to implement?


Really need this feature for my game. Surprised we still have no control over this.


2021, still no sign of badge re-arranging.


Lets keep on bumping this thread until it finally gets added!
This would really help with organizing the various “categories” of badges within games, like achieving a certain level, being in the game for so long, finding items, and so on.


I hope one day Roblox revamps badges all together. This idea along with the removal of badge icon restrictions would be great.

  • Where Roblox is headed design-wise, circles are a bit dated on the site. Removing that and making the bounding box a square would be ideal.
  • Upping the resolution limit would help a lot as well. After upload, Roblox can always downscale for the site if needed.

You should file separate feature requests for those (or support their existing thread) so the feedback can be better tracked.


Badge re-arranging would be a great feature to add to the site. The new creator portal should feature this.


Yes, the new creator portal seems like a great opportunity to implement this feature.


Bump, this deserves to be a feature even if it is just for display.
(Possibly) lots of experiences are also having the issue, including popular ones.


Come on Roblox, 5 years, use the new developer dashboard site as a place to host this, would help everyone :pray:


This would be an insanely useful feature. Please consider this roblox!


bump, would really be a good feature to have and it shouldn’t be that hard to implement.


How is this still not added :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


This would be such a useful feature i don’t know why it doesn’t exist yet


This is very useful, especially when you have multiple badges for similar milestones, (deaths, kills, coins, etc) and you need to add another badge to those categories.