API to insert Keyboard hints and mobile buttons into strings

As a roblox developer, it is currently too hard to make keyboard hints change within text boxes. It is also impossible to get the exact pixel of a character in a text box.

This would be extremely useful for things like this:

If I could place the image of the Q button into the string somewhere, I would be able to say “Press Q to access the menu,” then if the platform changes to console, “Press [X Button] to access the menu” and finally, if the platform changes to touch, I could insert a TextButton so the text says, “Press [Here] to access the menu.” and the person can click the text button within the string to open the menu.

Examples of new API’s that would help with this:


This would return the X,Y position in pixels of a particular letter


Textbox:PlaceGuiObjectAsLetter would allow you to place a GuiObject anywhere in the textbox, like an emoji. Ideally, you could place Images and Buttons inside of the chat or a text box for input hints regardless of platform.



While as a feature request on its own is fine, there’s a request for rich text which would ideally be able to handle all of this, and more (such as changing fonts, colors, sizes) within a single object.


Rich Text

There are also a couple of others with similar ideas and staff responses:
Make it easier for Roblox Devs to apply style to text labels
We need to be able to offset text

I guess Tiffblocks didn’t get to work on rich text last year, RIP.