Audio error code "46" in studio, audio plays fine on website

I keep getting this output whenever I try to load this particular audio ID in studio:

Failed to load sound rbxassetid://7344678091: error code 46

Now, as for the audio file itself, it was uploaded just fine to the website and it is visible to everyone:

Previously (as in, about 30 minutes ago), I uploaded an identical version of this audio but it was rejected for being “distorted” and I received a warning. I have already made a report about it being falsely moderated, but I’d much prefer to have this audio work now rather than in 6 days, so to get around the hash check that ROBLOX performs on every file uploaded, I simply opened the .ogg in a hex editor and added an extra byte to the very end of the file to allow a new version to be uploaded instead. This shouldn’t cause any problems, as .oggs already have a terminator byte of 00 at the end of each file so it would have no reason to read past the first byte of 00. Indeed, it does not fail to play in literally any other player after this edit besides Studio for… some reason. There is no documentation on error code 46 so I am wondering if anyone can perhaps help me.

Error code 46 means that the audio has been automatically deemed unplayable in the Roblox client by a bot (or sometimes a moderator manually), regardless if you can play it on the website or not. The most common cause of error 46 is copyright infringement.


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This is helpful information, thank you. It certainly isn’t copyrighted, though, since I created this audio myself from a DAW… so I suppose somehow it thinks the encoding is bad. I don’t really know.

I’ve found from personal experiences that using ogg type files or “hacky” types of encoding can get audios taken down by error 46 pretty quickly. I hope you can get your audios up successfully!

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