Audio Permissions : Audio should automatically work in any experience under the group it was uploaded to

It’s 2024. Still an issue. I can’t listen to my audio even when it’s uploaded by the same group that the game is under. If it’s uploaded directly to the game, it will work. Additionally, it may work in studio, but not in public. And it may work in public, but not in studio. It may work for me, and not for others.

Maybe this is more of a bug? All I’m saying is that audio working in games is very inconsisent even when given explict permission to use. Hopefully this can be fixed this year.


I really hope to see this change in the future. We really need it! I literally uploaded audios from my account owning the group, and I can’t use them in the group’s games that were also created from my account. Like, just why? Isn’t the purpose of “the group” owning the assets so all games under that group have permission to use them? It’s very unwell thought of. I literally thought that was the case and that I wouldn’t have to whitelist every single one of them, but I guess that was false.


You made this a feature request. I actually had a problem when I moved NPCs and made a bug report about it since it appears that this was broken. Roblox has implemented a work around for the issue which looks at the error messages and gives permissions. I haven’t tested the fix yet though.

Here’s the report: Audio assets which are owned by the group are not available to games within the same group

This is still an issue and is a huge time sink for me as a developer! I want to spend more time actually developing instead of messing around with a poorly executed audio permission system!


Permissions will automatically be granted if both audio and experience are owned by the same creator (user/group). Are you still facing issues around that?


Hello, this is not the case in my experience as of yesterday.

I own the game Super Skyward Towers, we routinely need to add new sound effects to the game.

To do so, we need to individually grant permission to each new sound we add so that it may be used in the game, on top of this, we need to do this for each testing environment that we use for the game. This is despite the fact that our group owns the experience, and owns the uploaded audio.

The problem that I have as a developer is that I shouldn’t have to grant permission to use audios that I’ve uploaded to our group to be used in our game, we are on a tight schedule and a resolution to this would be much appreciated.

Per the first reply, let us decide if we even care whether our audio is leaked or not. Let us decide if audio uploaded to our group is automatically given permission to be used in group experiences.

If I am uploading audio to our group, it’s a deliberate decision and the audio has to pass moderation anyway, the amount of time I would save from not having to grant permission to each individual audio asset for each individual experience under our group exceeds the benefit I get from players not being able to leak an upcoming sound effect.


Do you grant permissions before trying to use the Audio in the game? If not, are you editing the experience in team create mode while you insert the Audio in your game?

Of course I grant permission to the audio, I’m forced to. My point is that I shouldn’t have to grant permissions to an audio that I uploaded to my group for an experience owned by my group, there has to be a better way to handle this. I don’t work in team create as causes a lot of problems with my workflow, we specifically go out of our way not to use team create at my studio.


We don’t always use team create. As I stated in my post here, we deploy our games via opencloud and other tooling such as mantle. Beyond this, our team supports various developer workflows - be it working in a local place file, working in a published place with team-create disabled, or team-create enabled.

Ideally we should be able to just have audios uploaded to our group automatically work in our group’s experiences - no need for manual permissions granting.


@Spathi @Noble_Draconian We automatically grant permissions to any of your experiences when you try to load the Audio first time. We have cross publishing workflows as mentioned here that helps with dev to prod cross publishing but unfortunately we only support that workflow in Studio. We will look into adding more support for opencloud workflow.

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That doesn’t seem to be the case for us. We have test environments (experiences) where some of our music doesn’t load because it doesn’t have permission to load, even though we’re the ones trying to load it. The only way we’ve been able to fix it is by manually whitelisting.

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This was patched for whatever stupid reason, cheers roblox

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