Avatar Rig Builder [Update]

Hello Developers!

We are excited to announce that the Avatar Rig Builder plugin has been updated!

The refreshed UI includes more modern avatar presets for you to choose from, that are compatible with layered clothing accessories. The presets are available in masculine or feminine body shapes for rig types matching R6 or R15 (see Figure 1).

We have also included additional options to generate a skinned avatar and a rig that matches your own avatar!

Figure 1: (left) the new UI with updated preset options; (right) the R15 rig presets.

Please visit the Rig Builder documentation for more information.

What’s Next?

Expect another update in the coming months adding facial animation support to the R15 presets generated by the Rig Builder plugin.

Please share your feedback or any questions you have down below.

Thank you!


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This was seriously needed, the old Rig Builder plugin was pretty outdated in terms of its design. Thank you for this!

Also, now that we can import our own avatar, is there any chance that we can see the ability to import avatars by UserId/Name? This would be super useful, and would negate the need for external plugins to do this, when it could also be built into the Rig Builder!


Would also be appreciated if we could import our avatar depending on the “Rig Type” option. For example, my avatar will import as R15, even if I’ve selected R6.


tyyy :slight_smile: realluy cool having good update :point_up_2: !


This is great! I always thought the Rig Builder needed to be updated.


Thank goodness! We really needed the “my avatar” option! Would love to be able to search for friends too, or other avatars or outfits across Roblox.


There are no “Robloxian 2.0” rig, do we can expect it to return?


Dummy dead? I liked the update, but it’s really hard to transfer bundles from the catalog to the studio. I think the bundle transfer feature should come.

Yes, I’m curious too. I hope they just forgot to put it in.


This was for sure needed, The UI looks great and the option to insert skinned rigs from the Rig Builder was also needed. Another decent update Roblox! :+1:


Great update, however, do you plan on adding an option where we could be able to disable the default plugins as having half my plugins page filled with Roblox plugins is annoying?


it would be really cool to see a “neutral” body shape to go alongside “feminine” and “masculine”.


This is a fabulous update… After years of having a simple configuration, we have new options and especially a modern panel!

Now, some of the things that aren’t too much clearer are related to “Skinned Avatar”, may it be possible for us to select a gender? For instance, in the image of the topic, we can see that the avatar featured seems to be “Riley” and only it. We could have the option to choose a female one such as “Cameron”. If it was a case of a neutral gender (as @MightyPart suggested), select “Skyler”; As this seems to be a bit of a beta update for the plugin, can we see more bundles such as “Robloxian 2.0”? I believe that it would be profitable and efficient whenever used to build an avatar based on it and/or to test a UGC accessory.


Did it replace the old build rig feature? It had a few features but this has more, so it’s good?



This is great, but I think this would decay plugin creator’s revenue since people will be using the Avatar Rig Builder

An example is Load Character Pro by AlreadyPro


Love the running theme of modernization going on with these recent changes. All the old, untouched spaghetti is finally getting some attention!

Any chance the ‘model’ toolbar layout could get a facelift in the near future to match the modern workflow?


This is a great update; however, the Rig Builder’s name is still misleading after all these years.

It never built rigs, it just used InsertService (it even didn’t use character3.rbxm stored in the fonts folder …remember good ol’ erik.cassel?). It should be called Rig Inserter.

Also, what happened to Robloxian 2.0? Was it just abandoned? …Or… even worse… deprecated???

We should have an option to insert the head mesh or not for blocky rigs. Additionally, Torso["Root Hip"] is still present in the R6 rigs while it was updated to be Torso.RootJoint.


It would be good if the skinned models didnt have clothes built into them because this limits the ability to use them and create a variety of custom characters.

Ie something like the wooden posing dolls yoy can get for art.


FINALLY, the R6 rigs are no longer missing accessory attachments! That was an issue I’ve noticed for quite awhile, it’s finally fixed. Another good 2023 addition, props to the team who worked on it!



Nice, it’s good that you have chosen normal names for the body shapes and not something like body type x or something, you can at least distinguish a female from a male :wink:


Good update should make characters in r6 look more……normal lol

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