Full Release of Dynamic Heads

[Update] September 12, 2022

Hi Developers! The day has arrived! :tada::raised_hands:

Facial Animation, formally known as Dynamic Heads, is now released and out of beta! Developers can publish experiences with avatars containing dynamic heads – ie, Meshparts with associated FaceControls and face animations.

With this, the full release of Automatic Skinning Transfer is here as well. Find out more here: Link

So, what does this mean?

It means that any developer can use Facial Animation in their live experiences, not just in Studio. Therefore, you could:

  • Add Facial Animation to your in-experience avatar editor.
  • Use Facial Animations for your NPCs.
  • Retrofit in-experience emotes and animations to include a face component.
  • Cool stuff with animated characters we haven’t thought about!

As a reminder, we have released documentation to help with:

While Facial Animation was in beta we ran performance tests to ensure that feature did not materially affect the performance of any live experience. We are constantly looking for feedback so let us know if you encounter any issues!

So, what’s next?

We are planning to begin releasing this on the Avatar Shop later this year. This means that players can start entering your experience with a Dynamic Head that can animate through emotes and animation packs! Feel free to play around ahead of the Catalog release in order to spot any issues or concerns.

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or feedback!


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I feel like this will be cool to see how it evolves but for now I still think these on rthro heads look pretty terrifying


Always seemed like characters didn’t really have many emotions, a face can help with that so much. Hope this turns out well!


This is going to be really useful for story type games.


This seems cool and could really be used a lot in story type games on Roblox or NPCs look forward to trying this!


Awesome to see this feature fully released now! I am excited to see how this can be used in games!

In the past Roblox has shown dynamic heads with classic 2D faces retrofitted to work with the feature. I’m curious to know, are there plans to adapt every pre-existing face to be compatible in the same way? I would love to be able to do so with all of the faces I have collected over the years. Excited to hear and see more about this feature in the future :smile:


To everyone liking this post, check this one

Is there a way we can hide the pink parts? Its really hard to tell whats actually going on lmao


Honestly, this looks pretty cool!

When I first read about the Roblox acquisition of Loom.ai, I thought it would flop like Rthro. But, there’s definitely potential for this new technology!

Now we can finally animate cinematics without a static face staring at you all the time :partying_face:

Is the Real-Time Face Detection project also going to be released sometime into the face animator? It would be really efficient if we can just record ourselves in the camera and let Roblox handle the animation work.


Happy to see that this feature is now fully released! I’m excited to see what type of games will use this feature! Can’t wait for its release on the avatar shop soon! :grin:


Very cool looking feature! Roblox is really getting improved fastly.
A quick question, is the facial expressions are connected to voice chat, camera or something else? If it’s with voice chat, what will happen to people who don’t use voice chat?


I’ve seen a video of the face moving after someone sent a text message, that might work too


That would be very good though.

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I dont think any of that is built in, but you could probably script it. Idk about voice chat though, I havent tested


Yeah, same problem here. I’m trying to use this new feature but I cannot see the face so I don’t know what i’m doing. An opacity scroller would be useful. :joy:


I am excited to see Dynamic Heads in experiences! I think it will help in providing a bit more realism and immersion for experiences. Is there a timeline on when this feature will integrate with voice/video for accurate real world expressions when speaking? (I assume this is far out)


Is there way to fit morph with dynamic head?


Agreed - Unfortunately Roblox has always had a pretty big issue making avatars that feel like they fit in the same universe.


As much as I am not a fan of Rthro, I have to say, adding features such as this to allow for more customizable and realistic games is great! While I may not use this anytime soon, it will be great to see other developers that want to use this take advantage of this for their projects!

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Disabling this should do the trick. Keep in mind that it affects all constraints though (i.e attachments)

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