AvatarEditorService not returning correct AssetTypes requested in CatalogSearchParameters

CatalogSearchParams don’t always seem to return correct results.

I am trying to get a collection of the classic avatar items, Shirts, Pants, and TShirts and am using these parameters to get them:

local searchparams = CatalogSearchParams.new()
searchparams.AssetTypes = {

However when I perform AvatarEditorService:SearchCatalog() with those search parameters I get results filled with EmoteAnimations, BodyPart Bundles, TShirts, Shirts, and Pants.

Here is the code I used in the command bar to get those results in the output:

local searchparams = CatalogSearchParams.new()
searchparams.AssetTypes = {Enum.AvatarAssetType.Shirt, Enum.AvatarAssetType.Pants, Enum.AvatarAssetType.TShirt}

Some AvatarAssetTypes also return no values, like avatar limbs (even when IncludeNotForSale is true).

Expected behavior

AvatarAssetTypes, and BundleTypes that are not included in the search parameters should not be included in the result of SearchCatalog.

Thanks for the report! I filed a ticket in our internal database.


The above issue should be fixed. Let us know if you still have issues/concerns.


Awesome, the incorrect sorting seems to be fixed. Searching for body part assets like the Enum.AvatarAssetType.LeftArm return empty tables however.

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