A_z, o_O, Reese_McBlox, 1IrnmO0_O0IIILll11, The_Dude

Username Characters Allowed: English alpha-numeric characters: a-z, A-Z, 0-9, _
(adding underscore to the mix)

Coming soon to username creation and username change fields near you! Actually soon.

[size=2](I know this will bring up topics about recycling old names. We are aware of the demand for old names and do plan to do something about recycling them at some point.)[/size]

Edit: Forgot to mention… One underscore is allowed, but not as the first or last character.


Awww yis. Now I can become Ozzy_pig if I wanted to.

On ROBLOX or this forum?


Will there be any sort of prevention of people creating hundreds of accounts just to “name snipe?”
There are so many good account names that’ve been taken for this sole (and meaningless) reason.

EDIT: I forgot to add, will an email ever be mandatory for registration? Right now you can just enter a username and sign up, thus inflating the number of accounts - some of which are never touched again

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Is there a day or time of release available?

Cool. This will add 3997 more three-character usernames into the mix.

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Oooh. I call dibs on c_g if it doesn’t already exist.

Totally gonna snatch up Zac_Attack before anyone else does so I don’t have to have this extra letter.

(also many namesnipes I can steal and never use them :evil: )

Now add Ð ð and Þ þ please.

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Let’s not forget :snowman_with_snow:

Let’s not forget :snowman_with_snow:[/quote]

Welcome to ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °)'s profile

Let’s not forget :snowman_with_snow:[/quote]

And also this:

(Had to link an image because it didn’t render properly…)

alright time to namesnipe


Yes now I can be Ruki_ryo and help people pronounce it!

I have a few usernames to try to take, main ones are From_Lego_Universe, From_LegoUniverse, and FromLego_Universe.

By the way, I call rights to Narbra_Walters!

No spaces? Darn. I wanted to be Lilly S (since the Lilly account mysteriously became active again after I expressed interest in it)


e_e for me

By the way, someone should probably snipe the named david_baszucki and Matt_Dusekk so no one can snipe them and act like them with some people not knowing they are imposters.