Bakiez Bakery | How to get Promoted

:star2: How to get promoted at Bakiez Bakery!

In this document, you’ll find a detailed guide on how you can advance your career here at Bakiez!

If you are already a Staff Member, be sure to follow al the staff rules and guidelines found here:

Bakiez Bakery | Staff Rules and Guidelines

:writing_hand: How to become a Trainee

In order to get a job at Bakiez, you first need to apply by going to the Job Center and taking a quiz. You’ll go through some fairly simple questions to determine if you’re able to become a Trainee. You have 3 opportunities to make mistakes, if you use all 3, you will fail and have to redo the quiz. However, if not, you will be ranked as a Trainee. Once you pass, you will be promoted to Trainee an instant Job! Once you pass the quiz, you are then able to start working right away at Bakiezville!

:clipboard: How to become a 3 | Worker

After becoming a Trainee, you can head down to Bakiezville to work! Upon your first entrance into the bakery, you’ll go through an in-game tutorial on how to work the different jobs at the bakery. Once you go through that tutorial, you can work every job. To become a worker, you need to gain 250 BP. If you do want to attend a training session and be taught how to work, play the Training Center and refer to the Session Schedule section where you’ll find a link for all our upcoming sessions and what time trainings start. They are currently unscheduled and not mandatory for staff.

At trinings, you will be taught the 3 different jobs: Chef, Cashier & Barista and how to work as each. If you’d like to know what each job does, check out the Job Tasks and Information document. Anyways, you’ll be trained by a member of the senior staff team or higher, in the job that you choose. During trainings, you have to go through some trivia questions, information on your rank, and a practical round. Everyone passes trainings since they are merely to teach you how to work!

LR Promotion Requirements - BakerPoints

:fax: Worker

Worker: 250 BP
Junior Worker: 500 BP
Master Worker: 2,000 BP
Professional Worker: 5,000 BP
Star Helper: 15,000 BP

Star Helper VIP

Don’t want to do all that hard work and waiting for Star Helper? Purchase Star Helper VIP and be ranked directly to star helper without the extra hassle of earning points! Purchasing this gamepass is an easy kickstart to your career here at Bakiez!

:sparkles: How to be promoted to a Team Leader

How to be promoted to a Team Leader

  • You must be ranked as a 7 | Star Helper in the Bakiez group.
  • You must be a professional & mature individual.
  • You should have a good reputation within the Bakiez community.
  • You must have been Star Helper for 1 month.
  • You must be active at the Bakery to be seen by a rank 11+
  • You must be recommended by Senior Management+ and approved by other higher ranks.

Team leaders are now permitted to have safechat and are no longer required to be within the discord server!

:bookmark_tabs: How to be promoted to Intern

Intern Applications are released regularly to all Team Leaders at Bakiez. In order to become an Intern, they need to pass the Intern Application process.

:medal_sports: How to be promoted to Management [Bakery Assistant]

To join the Management Team, you must pass Internships, which occur when Intern Application passers are released. Internships are a 3 week Management Training course to teach Interns how to be apart of the Management Team. You’ll be mentored by a Bakery Manager (your Intern Leader), and a Senior Management (your Assistant). You’ll be assessed by your leader and assistant over the 3 week period. After the period, they will determine, based on your activity and progress, whether you are eligible and capable of becoming a Bakery Assistant.


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