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:cake: Bakiez Community Information Portal

Welcome to the Bakiez Handbook and Community Information Portal! Founded in 2017, we are the largest bakery on Roblox! Here at Bakiez, we aim to ensure that each customer has an amazing experience, and overall, have fun! Come and be a part of this thriving community!

This handbook is associated with both Bakiezville and the official bakery of Bakiezville, being, Bakiez Bakery! This handbook was created to enable easy access to information regarding the daily operations of the community. Here, you will find everything you need to know about Bakiezville and Bakiez Bakery! If any part of this handbook doesn’t make sense or needs further elaboration, please let us know!

Bakiez Twitter:

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TUTORIAL: How to get a Job at Bakiez Bakery!

:closed_lock_with_key: Bakiezville Community Guidelines

As a member of the Bakiez community, you are to follow all the rules/guidelines listed.

These actions are not allowed and will result in a jail sentence at the bakery or a kick/ban/pban at the training center/event center if committed:

  • Spamming
  • Abusing capitals
  • Flooding the chat
  • Disrespecting other individuals
  • Bypassing ROBLOX filter
  • Generally trolling
  • Inappropriate actions
  • Discrimination of ANY form
  • Spreading personal information

By joining any Bakiez affiliated game, you are agreeing that you will not break any of these rules/guidelines and will be respectful and appropriate at all times. Failure to do so will result in consequences.

How do I get a job?

Hey there! Do you want to get a job at Bakiez and work at the best bakery on ROBLOX in the best city ROBLOX? Well, you’re in the right place! If you want to get a job here, be sure to join the group and play the Job Center. Once you pass, you will be promoted to Trainee an instant Job! Once you pass the quiz, you are then able to start working right away at Bakiezville!

How do I get promoted from trainee?

After becoming a Trainee, you can head down to Bakiezville to work! Upon your first entrance into the bakery, you’ll go through an in-game tutorial on how to work the different jobs at the bakery. Once you go through that tutorial, you can work every job. To become a worker, you need to gain 250 BP. If you do want to attend a training session and be taught how to work, play the Training Center and refer to the Session Schedule section where you’ll find a link for all our upcoming sessions and what time trainings start. They are currently unscheduled and not mandatory for staff.

More details on how to get promoted can be found here:
Bakiez Bakery | How to get Promoted

At Bakiez, sessions are hosted just about any time on any day and are for all staff who need help and don’t know what to do! Below is our session schedule:

:alarm_clock: Training Times - Eastern Standard Time (EST/EDT)

11 AM | 1:00 PM | 3:00 PM | 5:00 PM | 7:00 PM | 9:00 PM | 12:00 AM

To have an idea when sessions will be hosted, refer to our session schedule trello:

Q: I have the required amount of points! How to I become the next rank?

When you have the required amount of BakerPoints for the next rank, all you have to do is say “!rankup” and it will automatically promote you to the corresponding rank!

Q: How do I start working?

To start working, simply press the ‘Work’ button on the right side of the screen and select your chosen job.

Q: Are Trainees allowed to work in the kitchen?

No, Trainees do not work in the kitchens or at the counter. They can work as a janitor, mopping up spills or as cashier, taking orders. If they want to do another job, they need to attend and pass trainings first!

Q: How do I get ranked if I buy a Skip Training/Interview pass?

If you buy a Skip Training/Interview gamepass, you need to contact a Management+ [Rank 11+].

Q: What ranks can train staff at trainings?

Team Leader+ [Rank 8+] can train at Trainings.

Q: How do LRs report trollers, exploiters, spammers, etc., without Discord?

LRs have a vote to jail system that they can use to jail disruptive members, such as trollers, exploiters etc. The command is ‘/votetojail [Username] [Reason]’. Once this is activated, a majority of the staff in the server need to vote yes for the individual to be jailed. Vote to jail can be activated every 30 minutes.

Q: How do I give items to customers?

You don’t need to manually give items to customers. As a Chef/Barista, once you complete the order, the food/drink will be automatically sent to the individual.

Q: What is the maximum items that someone can order?

You can order up to 3 items (either food or drink).


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