Bakiez Job Information and Tasks

:clipboard: Job Information and Tasks

Below you’ll find all the jobs apart of Bakiez and their designated duties and tasks. Remember, promotions are only earned through hard work, dedication and going above and beyond the requirements.

How to get a Job at Bakiez Bakery:

For a basic guide on how you can get promoted, refer to the following link:
Bakiez Bakery | How to get Promoted

If you are a staff member, also be sure to follow all the rules, regulations ans guidelines found here:
Bakiez Bakery | Staff Rules and Guidelines

It will increace your chances in getting a promotion

:man_cook: How to get a Job at Bakiez Bakery

:writing_hand: How to become a Trainee

In order to get a job at Bakiez, you first need to apply by going to the Job Center and taking a quiz. You’ll go through some fairly simple questions to determine if you’re able to become a Trainee. You have 3 opportunities to make mistakes, if you use all 3, you will fail and have to redo the quiz. However, if not, you will be ranked as a Trainee. Once you pass, you will be promoted to Trainee an instant Job! Once you pass the quiz, you are then able to start working right away at Bakiezville!

:clipboard: How to become a 3 | Worker

After becoming a Trainee, you can head down to Bakiezville to work! Upon your first entrance into the bakery, you’ll go through an in-game tutorial on how to work the different jobs at the bakery. Once you go through that tutorial, you can work every job. To become a worker, you need to gain 250 BP. If you do want to attend a training session and be taught how to work, play the Training Center and refer to the Session Schedule section where you’ll find a link for all our upcoming sessions and what time trainings start. They are currently unscheduled and not mandatory for staff.

At trinings, you will be taught the 3 different jobs: Chef, Cashier & Barista and how to work as each. If you’d like to know what each job does, check out the Job Tasks and Information document. Anyways, you’ll be trained by a member of the senior staff team or higher, in the job that you choose. During trainings, you have to go through some trivia questions, information on your rank, and a practical round. Everyone passes trainings since they are merely to teach you how to work!

Low Ranks

1 | Hungry Customer: All the happy customers and community members of Bakiez.

[G] Gold Member: Reserved for all the COOL people of Bakiez who have purchased Gold Member VIP. If you’re this rank, consider yourself elite. You have the full respect of everyone!

[B] Business Partner: Reserved for our alliance representatives to represent their group within our community and are important members of their respective communities.

Low Staff Ranks

2 | Awaiting Training: You passed your quiz at the Job Center! Your next step to become a proper 3 | worker is to earn 250 BakerPoints by working as a Cashier or a Janitor at Bakiezville!

3 | Worker: As a worker, you can work all Chef, Cashier and Barista roles. Chefs are to bake all the delicious pastries, Baristas prepare all the drinks and Cashiers are to take orders from customers.

4 | Junior Worker: You’re becoming more experienced at working at the bakery. Continue to bake, prepare the food/drink, and take orders from awaiting customers.

5 | Master Worker: At this point, you’re getting the hang of each of the jobs. You should be understanding the recipes now and you are far more superior than your fellow workers. Be sure to help out in the kitchen and counters for struggling staff and assist them when needed.

6 | Professional Worker: You should be an expert at all the different jobs, you know all the recipes. Your job is to make sure that all workers are doing their job correctly and help out any staff members who are in need of assistance.

In order to get promoted, you must meet the necessary requirements listed below!

BakerPoints Requirements

:fax: Worker

Worker: 250 BP
Junior Worker: 500 BP
Master Worker: 2,000 BP
Professional Worker: 5,000 BP
Star Helper: 15,000 BP

Star Helper VIP

Don’t want to do all that hard work and waiting for Star Helper? Purchase Star Helper VIP and be ranked directly to star helper without the extra hassle of earning points! Purchasing this gamepass is an easy kickstart to your career here at Bakiez!

Senior Staff Ranks

7 | Team Leader: Team Leader’s are the highest Middle Rank staff and are considered to be Senior Staff members. They have worked extremely hard for this rank and are to be respected by all ranks below. These individuals are permitted moderator admin commands if a Rank 15+ permits it but not for supervision. When given Moderator commands, they are to use it for kicking trollers, making announcements, viewing staff, etc., and are to report problems out of their jurisdiction to members of Management. Like Professionals, Team Leaders work as both Chef or Cashier but their main focus is maintaining order, providing assistance to and being in-charge of the Lower Rank Staff members in the drinks room, kitchen, and counter area. All ranks below must follow the orders of Team Leaders as they are permitted to recommend demotions to management. A Team Leader tends to stay behind the counters while providing assistance to all Lower Rank Staff Members who may need it as their duty is not to supervise the Bakery but rather, the staff area.

Detailed guide on how you can become a Rank 10 can be found here:
Bakiez Bakery | How to get Promoted

8 | Intern: Those who are Interns have successfully been a Team Leader and passed the Intern Application. Interns train to become Management members for a total of three weeks. They are given a trainer and that trainer guides them and teaches everything they should know about requirements, responsibilities, and policies. Being an Intern is really enjoyable because you make the most memories as one. You will remember your Intern group forever. Interns are allowed to train but only after they pass their training exam shortly after being promoted. They are also allowed to supervise at the bakery. Like team leaders, they only get moderator commands if a BM+ decides to give it to them. Throughout the Internship program the internship group does a few meetings and hangouts. During these “hangouts” the group goes together and supervises. That is another instance when an Intern would 100% get moderator commands.**

Management Ranks

9 | Bakery Assistant: As a Bakery Assistant you are the first rank within our Management Team after completing the Internship process. You have successfully proved you have the knowledge to be a part of Bakiez Management and now work alongside all other ranks carrying out orders from those ranks above you. Bakery Assistants are there to hand out most of their support to the LRs and customers to ensure everyone is satisfied and all issues are dealt with appropriately. To add onto this support, they are also entitled to attend Sessions to support those above them by providing assistance and training LRs into the right job. Furthermore, under the supervision of a Senior Management member a Bakery Assistant may have permission to create a little game at the Bakery for LRs to enjoy and have a break for normal working.

10 | Supervisor: As a supervisor, you are learning the inner workings of Management and training to become apart of the Management Team. Despite being in a learning phase, Supervisors are still required to work any jobs that are low on staff in a server, whether it be Chef, Cashier or Barista. Customer Service and Satisfaction is your specialty and while at the Bakery you answer questions that players might have and handle any disputes with that happen in the kitchen with staff.

In addition, they are also required to supervise lower-ranked staff at all times and ensure smooth working conditions in the kitchen, In addition, they are to provide assistance to higher management ranks during sessions and when at the Bakery. In order to obtain this rank, you must show outstanding activity and dedication to your current position and receive a recommendation by members of the senior management team. Whenever a Rank 13+ joins their server, Supervisors instantly report to them and carry out any orders they might have.

11 | Management: As a Management Member you are an experienced Supervisor who has gone above and beyond their duties as a Supervisor. Whilst Management you are still required to carry out all of your supervisor duties. For example:

  • Active at the Bakery and attending Shifts.
  • Active on the group wall.
  • Active at sessions.
  • Active in the discord.
  • Assist LRs whenever.

However, as Management you are required to carry out more tasks. These include Co-Hosting sessions, able to use group admin to promote and demote LRs, Host games at the Bakery without permission and have the chance to become an assistant at SA Interviews. As a Co-Host you are required to assist the Host at the session. This includes teaming the trainees into groups and also teaming the trainers. Being a Co-Host is not a required task but you have the option to help out.

When using the Group Admin you are given a lot of trust and responsibility. The only reason you should be using this is to promote someone or demote them if needed. One way to stand out is by Hosting games at the Bakery, this is something fun to do at the Bakery but also gets the LRs involved and to have some fun. A good way to stand out from your peers is to create new fun games that aren’t often used at the Bakery. As a Management member, you should always try and recommend possible MR promotions to the Senior Management Team as it will show you are an experienced member who understands the team, you should always report to them if there is an issue.

In order to obtain this rank, you must be an exceptional Supervisor among your peers, be the most active and most dedicated and most hardworking, and show a well-constructed understanding of Management. If you do your job well, you will eventually be noticed by a member of Senior Management or higher.

12 | Senior Management: The Senior Management team defines themselves by their rank name. They are the management seniors. In order to obtain the rank of Senior Management, as a Management member, you have to go above and beyond/exceeding expectations. Seniors are expected to know a lot about the group. Like Management, Senior Management members still have to actively communicate with LRs. Like management, you still have to attend sessions. However, another responsibility you have is to host shifts at the bakery. Hosting shifts at the bakery isn’t your main responsibility but shouldn’t be brushed away either. Seniors are required to host servers (S2, S3, ETC.) when available to and are also in charge of answering most of the tickets we get in the community. They are required to be active in senior management discussions and meetings that are hosted by corporate members. On top of that, Senior Management is the lowest rank to be involved in the Team Leader Management process. They work with higher ranks to recommend people for Team Leader.

13 | Bakery Manager: Bakery Managers are the best of the best. They know their way around the Bakery and the company and are the rank right before the first Corporate rank. In order to obtain this rank, you must go above and beyond as a Senior Management Member with your duties and you must exceed fulfilling your duties by going above and beyond and doing more than what is required of you. Bakery Managers direct any and all functions of the Bakery and have full authority over all the ranks below, especially the Senior, Middle and Low ranked staff. This rank is selected by the corporate board.**

Corporate Ranks

14 | General Manager: Hand-selected by the Owner of Bakiez, General Managers are tasked with the general operation and function of Bakiez as a whole and ensuring that every aspect of the group runs smoothly with little to no issues. General Managers are to quickly solve any issues that may arise within the group and provide direct assistance to Corporate Officers when requested of them.
General Manager is the hardest rank to achieve here at Bakiez and is only given to those who have done a truly amazing job and have proven their loyalty with close to a year or more of service. General Managers know exactly what to do in any given situation and know all the protocols, policies and how things run off the top of their head. General Managers are the go-to for any questions that may arise.

[C] Chief Moderation Officer: The Chief Moderation Officer is the Head of the Moderation Department as well as all moderation aspects of Bakiez. They are in charge of the community moderators and run the team. They have a responsibility to make sure that all their moderators are active and are doing their job correctly. However, they also need to participate in group discussions as they occur.

[C] Chief Communications Officer: The Chief Communications Officer is in charge of all the communications aspects of Bakiez including Business Partners, Social Media, Alliances, etc. They are to ensure all alliances are active and are maintaining good reputations within the community. They also need to make sure that Bakiez preserves a good relationship with each alliances. They also have a responsibility to ensure all Bakiez social media is active, they take care of development opportunities and ensure Bakiez looks appropriate to the wider community.

[C] Chief Staff Officer: The Chief Staff Officer is the head of the entire staff department of Bakiez and is in charge of all levels of staff including Lower, Middle, Senior, Management and Corporate. They have the ultimate say in all staff-related issues and suggest new policies and rules to ensure the staff team is running as smoothly as possible.

[C] Chief Operating Officer: The Chief Operating Officer is one of the most important positions of Bakiez. This individual is tasked with directing and overseeing all operations of Bakiez. They are in charge of events, shifts, sessions and ensuring all operations run as smooth as possible.

[-] Contributor: Reserved for highly important members of the community who have contributed in some way, shape, or form, to Bakiez.

[-] Contractor: Reserved for all the developers of Bakiez.

[-] Chairwoman: Oversees and directs Corporate Board departments as well as runs the group. (Only one chairperson can be seated at a time)

[-] Co-Owner: Reserved for the Co-Owner of Bakiez

[-] Owner: Reserved for the Founder and Owner of Bakiez


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