[Beta] New Experiences Have Team Create Enabled

[Update] November 17, 2022

[Update] November 2, 2022

[Update] October 13, 2022

Hello creators,

We are evolving Studio into a cloud-native IDE. This means that Studio’s editing experience will take place in a connected cloud environment, providing:

  • Automatic saves of all your work to the cloud
  • Data access from any device
  • Native collaboration for teams of any size (1-100+)
  • Powerful tools for content generation powered by scalable servers

We are evolving to this end state through continual investment in our Team Create technology, which already enables a cloud-backed multiplayer editing experience. Over the next year, we plan to make Team Create the primary editing experience for everyone who uses Studio.

The first step to that plan is to enable the Beta feature. Go to File → Beta Features, and toggle “New experiences enable Team Create”, then click Save and restart Studio.

Beta Features

Pick the owner before creation, and autosave places

In the “New” tab on Studio’s start page, when you click on a template to create a new place, you will be asked to set the owner of the experience. Then click “Create” to create the new place.

Since your place is already saved, widgets like Asset Manager and Game Settings will work out of the box.

When saving to Roblox, new places will be assigned a placeholder name: “UserName’s Place Number: ##” You can rename your place by going to Game Settings → Basic info.

Team Create is enabled at creation

For these new places, Team Create will be enabled. You will connect to a live environment that enables you and your collaborators to work together. Team Create automatically saves your place to Roblox every 5 minutes. Publishing is still required to let players see the new version of your experience.

No clutter on your places list

We want to ensure that these newly saved places don’t clutter your places list. To assist with that, autosaved places will be archived, and will only move to your main list if you do one of these things:

  • Save or publish the place manually
  • Edit Game Settings e.g. renaming the experience
  • Add a collaborator
  • Publish the experience

If you create a lot of test or single-use places, you won’t see a difference - but if you wish to go back and find your work, it’ll be there if you need it.

To reopen these places, find them in the Archive tab in Studio.

As we evolve Team Create, we are investing heavily in improving its fundamentals so that it causes zero friction in all developer workflows and offers a better editing experience than local.

We understand Team Create can be slow in some situations. As we work on improving this, we’ve added a way to quickly create local, unsaved places.

To enable this, toggle the Studio setting “File → New (Ctrl+N) creates a place with Team Create off” within File → Studio Settings, in the Studio → Advanced Settings section. If you enable this, places created with Ctrl+N or File → New won’t be autosaved and will not have Team Create on.

pasted image 0

Please provide feedback!

Studio’s evolution into a powerful, cloud-native IDE will be a journey. We will have a separate post later in the year to discuss the roadmap for the transition.

And remember - this is a beta. We’re doing this to get your feedback and make Studio better! Please leave any feedback, issues, and your thoughts in the comments below and help shape the product and the future of Studio!

Many thanks to @SwirlTheNumbers, @Brouhahaha, @desserts_yumyum, @collaborativecoder, @yipiokay, @MoodyMandyMeow, and @swgridnik for working on this feature.


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Great update! I really like that we can choose the owner when creating the new experience, it just feels more normal to choose the owner before rather then after to me.

Also a possible future feature idea which I am unsure would be possible or not but I think would be a useful idea is to have like folders or something where you can store the experiences inside of (I think this would help with organisation in large studios because you could have like all the testing places together and things such as that).


Alongside the “pick owner” feature, there should be a team create toggle option. This is more intuitive than forcing team create.


This is very helpful! Thanks Roblox, but when will this be out of beta release? Anyways, its epic that I don’t have to manually turn on Team Create anymore. (I’m lazy sometimes). :joy:

It would be nice to have a feature to enable devs to your team create easier, its currently very complicated for newcoming developers.


Will this option continue to be available moving forward? Or will it also be removed at some stage in the future?


Can we be assured that the improvements to multiplayer script editing will roll out before this goes out of beta?

Script collaboration in Team Create right now is a royal pain, and I would like to see the friction reduced to be on par with offline editing before this becomes the default.

I appreciate the theory of always-online places like this being easier to deal with in various scenarios, but this could be a huge productivity killer for people writing code - I implore that you don’t allow grand visions to overrule practicality.


This update quite frankly terrifies me.

No service will ever have a 100% uptime so what does the always online approach do for times when Roblox goes down? I know that this is being currently mitigated but what happens if another 3 day downtime happens? Are developers just supposed to sit on their hands rather than have the option to work on their experiences in their respective off-line files? There was also an issue recently with Team Create where people lost hours of work without even knowing it happened.

Are we just gonna be completely cut off from off-line place editing in favor of a very flawed mindset of “you’re always online anyway”? Please reconsider this…


As a solo developer and one who likes to work mainly with local files (which I believe is a vast majority of newer devs as well), I don’t see the reason for continually pushing the cloud. Having to navigate to Studio settings to disable this as a new dev is extremely unintuitive, and since Studio removed offline editing a while back as well, along with some of the Game settings in the ribbon hidden behind a save to Roblox lock where they clearly don’t need to be, adds up to be a major roadblock for local or offline use. All of these decisions baffle me as to why local and offline development is being slowly pushed away in favor of cloud-based editing when the average developer benefits very little (local autosaving already exists).


This better not affect existing local editing solutions and their potential further development. The last thing we need is more reliance on a single point of failure and losing the ability of keeping our own backups and working with local assets.


Will creating a new baseplate as an unpublished, unsaved, local place continue to be an option, even if behind a setting?

I like to use baseplates to experiment and would rather not wait for it to publish behind my back and just fill my develop page with ‘place 395125151’ (even if it can be hidden via archiving, that just clogs up the archive, and I don’t want to have to do anything with it in the first place).


Will 100% be turning this off, will not be wanting to deal with the nightmare that is full cloud integration, with its constant failures and unreported save-fails.


Why are you guys trying to push team create
It’s in the name, team create is for teams, I do not need nor do I want team create on my game because I do not work in a team. The commit feature is nice when working with a team, but I don’t want it on my solo project.
The current autosave feature is good enough for the rare times the game crashes or my computer implodes
Those changes are just adding clutter to the roblox studio experience and then you find solutions to problems you guys created… Good job


For me, offline development would be such a cool feature compared to this…
I started programming after that was a thing :expressionless:


@bezzie_boi Will support for local place files stored on the filesystem (rbxl and rbxlx) still be maintained? My workflow makes heavy use of local place files & cannot make native use of places / datamodels stored in the cloud.


I think this is a step in the right direction for Roblox, and from my testing it seems to work as intended. Not sure if the way they have implemented this is best, as others are being up.

With all these places piling up, I feel archiving isn’t enough. Why is there still no way to completely delete experiences and other assets?

It is still baffling to me that there is no way to truly delete assets.


I’m not sure I’m really on board with this yet, because:

  1. Non-team create games/files are easier to use offline (Team create auto-disconnects. The “open local file” works, but considering you can’t publish a file to a different user’s team create game, this is also a bit of an issue)
  2. Team create can have data loss issues when losing connection, and restoring scripts is harder than it should be
  3. There’s already an option to enable team create when publishing, I can’t imagine a scenario where that wouldn’t work
  4. Sometimes you just want files to remain local for one reason or another
  5. There’s no way to fully delete roblox places yet, so if you didn’t intend for it to be created, it’s still stuck there forever.
  6. I create quick projects a lot, so there would be a lot of archived places
  7. Again, there’s already an option when creating a place

I’m sure team create will be improved as time goes on, but I can’t see how this would really help developers at all. If they wanted team create to be on, they’d create a team create place themselves.


Will there ever be plans to feature automatic saving with team create disabled?


I’m really curious about what the analytics look like for Devs who actually use Team Create.

Personally, the only true advantage I see Team Create offering is collaborative building.

If you want to collaborate with Scripting, then there are much better tools out there to enable this, such as Rojo & GitHub (plus it’s industry standard).

I’m not a huge fan of everyone being pushed to this whole “Team Create is the standard” thing, especially for solo developers.

I could be wrong and maybe Team Create is much more beneficial than I realize. If so, please let me know, because currently I’m not a fan and do not see myself becoming one.


I personally dislike Team Create as I create a lot of dummy places I prefer saving on my desktop rather than on the cloud. I use archived places to keep some stuff that I want to use later and not to keep autosaved places I will never use again.

I hope the image is always an option. I never use the autosave feature apart from when Roblox Studio crashes (which is usually never) and I know I didn’t purposely save before.

Edit: I hate the forced Team Create beta. I will be keeping that beta feature permanently off as it forced me to create a place with the setting on. If you don’t like Team Create, do not use this feature as the setting does not work for disabling it.

Please, Roblox, make sure that the previous behaviour keeps existing as I hate cloud-saving of projects I never use more than once. I do not want to be forced to copy and paste a .rbxl file every time I want to make a dummy place. I want an option to have the place owner to be set to “none” as I like to choose which one I want to do it on after I make the game. Another solution is being able to completely delete places you archived instead of being forced to only archive them.

Cloud-autosaving is something that annoys me on Roblox, and I hope to never be forced to use it. The benefits that it has is very few compared to all of the issues it brings. I hate this beta and will never use it; just like the auto-enabled Team Create for place publishing feature that was never needed.