[Disabled, See Update] New Experiences Have Team Create Enabled

Update 2/13/2022

Hello creators,

We have made some updates to the New Experiences enable Team Create Beta! This update gives you more control over when to enable Team Create. To enable this beta, go to File → Beta Features, and toggle New experiences enable Team Create, then click Save and restart Studio.

Here’s a recap of what this beta enables:

  • New experiences are saved to Roblox and enable Team Create by default

    In the “New” tab on Studio’s start page, when you click on a template to create a new place, you can set the owner of the experience. Then click “Create” to create the new place.

    Since your place is already saved, widgets like Asset Manager and Game Settings will work out of the box. Your new places will be assigned a placeholder name: “UserName’s Place Number: ##”

  • New: Team Create toggle on the Start page (enabled through Studio settings)

    In File > Studio Settings you will see a “Display Team Create Toggle when creating a new experience” setting.

    You can enable this setting to control whether Team Create is on/off for your new experiences.

  • Removed: “File → New (Ctrl+N) creates a place with Team Create off” setting

    Instead, when the new Team Create toggle setting is on, new experiences created via File > New will not automatically save and enable Team Create.

  • Newly-saved experiences don’t clutter your places list

We want to ensure that these newly saved places don’t clutter your places list. To assist with that, autosaved places will be archived, and will only move to your main list if you do one of these things:

  1. Save the place manually

  2. Publish the experience

  3. Edit any field in “Game Settings” (e.g. renaming the experience)

  4. Add a collaborator

  5. Rename a place from Asset Manager

Our goal is to start shifting the default to the Team Create environment while better understanding community concerns and areas to prioritize improvements. Your feedback has been crucial to our prioritization of Team Create improvements and features on our roadmap. Please try the beta and provide us with feedback.

Big thanks to our team @SwirlTheNumbers, @Brouhahaha, @OfcMeowMeowFuzzyFace, @collaborativecoder, @yipiokay, @MoodyMandyMeow, and @swgridnik for working on this feature.


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Please god no please god no please god no please god no NOT THIS TOMFOOLERY AGAIN.

I hope, at some level, the good and talented people at Roblox understand that nobody, and I mean not a single soul, wants this.

Anyway, I’m just gonna do my part and pop a .rbxl of an empty baseplate riiiight at the top of this thread so anybody who doesn’t want to deal with the moronic concept of an always-online IDE doesn’t have to.

Stay offline, my friends.

Baseplate.rbxl (40.4 KB)


Thanks alot, when I use team create, I will remember this
Sarcasm intended

I would like non team create up front and easily toggleable, I use it all the time

  • I like this update
  • I dont like this update
  • Meh

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From the comments, I expect a landslide win for one option



Hey, glad to see work is still happening on this, the switch is nice to have, but it looks like Roblox wasn’t listening properly.

Don’t hide the toggle for this behind settings. Non-teamcreate is something that must be supported forever, it is simply prohibitive for an enormous chunk of the userbase and hiding this setting locks less technically inclined people in poor internet situations out of studio (and a huge amount of developers make scratchpad baseplates frequently - user experience for fresh-installed Studio is constantly getting worse). Let’s not forget the settings menu in Studio is accessible through only one place that is <1% of your screen size and visible <1% of the time, and the specific setting is lost in an ocean of other settings. Search doesn’t help much if you don’t know what to search for, or that the setting even exists.

Since your place is already saved, widgets like Asset Manager and Game Settings will work out of the box.

You know, here’s an idea: just make them work without a published game.

Game Settings contains a stupid amount of content that has no reason to require a published game and the settings that do you would … publish the game for.

Asset Manager should just let me manually add references to assets that are stored in the place file locally, and if I publish the game it should just convert them with deduplication for the slot I’m publishing to, (not to mention it should let me add asset references to a game that haven’t been uploaded specifically to that game).


Does anyone legitimately want this though? Take the feedback on board and just stop

My issue with this update isn’t that you want to move towards cloud based editing (even though that has its own cans of worms of issues, that I’m sure many others will echo).

My issue is that someone on your end cant seem to figure out why creating empty places on your datacenter is a bad idea.


I’m all for convenience and clarity, but will there be an option to disable this default?


Can we get some confirmation on what the future of local place files and offline workflows looks like? Will this heavy push to always-online team-create environments continue to make local workflows a second-class citizen?

Team Create is absolutely not appropriate for many situations in its current state. Changes like these alienate the most dedicated developers on the platform, who rely on local workflows. The majority of your biggest studios, your biggest money makers, are literally built on a hacky third-party solution (Rojo) because for whatever reason Roblox will not support local workflows. Beyond that, Roblox knows that Studio is not appropriate for large-scale software development and has its own first-class local workflows - but it’s, of course, not open to developers.

Please, for the love of god, stop shoving this always-online system down our throats. It’s clunky at the best of times and disastrous at the worst. Listen to and respect your community.


Moving newly created places to the archive seems like an improvement, but I’d rather have them at least sorted into a dedicated Drafts section, like how Figma does it.

By the way, I think this update misunderstands what I want to use New for. In the event that I want to create a new project, that’s when I’d make use of this feature. However, most of the time I want a clean scratchpad for quick prototyping that disappears entirely when I’m done with it. I don’t save or publish most of the places I create, so please keep the option of having these ‘ephemeral’ files that disappear when you’re done with them, online or otherwise.

If this update ships while mandating that a copy of all new files is saved to Roblox, with no option to have them disappear, I will be very unhappy.


Maybe it’s a consequence of me being a bit too used to the old ways, or even after witnessing the early times when “Team Create” and “stability” were opposite concepts, but I fail to see the point in enabling Team Create right out of the gate, let alone automatically uploading everything to Roblox just because. Stuff like this ends up being bloaty and might be viewed as an annoyance.

It’s the equivalent on having Candy Crush pre-installed on my phone - no thanks, if I want to play Candy Crush I’ll go out of my way to install it.

It’s not infrequent for me to just open Studio, open a baseplate, scribble a bit and then forget about it. Team Create in this context is absolutely unnecessary. Uploading to Roblox is absolutely unnecessary, too. If I think I’m going to need that again then I’ll upload it myself.

Team Create is cool and all but it binds creators to certain dependencies (it relies on the servers & backend software handling Team Create being up). If I want Team Create and have a need then I’m going out of my way to enable it, no need to do it for me.

In another words: if the Team Create service happens to be down, then I cannot open a place for prototyping because a feature I did not ask for and that will not benefit me was forcefully enabled.

However, enabling Team Create automatically may be more useful if a certain place has more than one editor. You know, it’s in the name: Team Create implies that there’s more than one developer involved.


Yet another awesome example of Roblox upholding the “Respect the community” core value! I really want to know what existing problem this change solves in developer workflow. It’d be awesome to get designer insight on the decision to make this change, as well as any other features that affect your core product.

On a deeper level, the disconnect between the decisions made on Roblox’s core product and the people using it is an issue that is seemingly worsening over time.


I don’t care that the place is archived, I don’t want it to be creating a new place on my account at all! Believe it or not I like to keep my archive organized as well. Am I really just going to have to save a local baseplate rbxl to my desktop to get around this?

I don’t want team create, I will never want team create. If this change is so important then at least please give us an option in settings to continue opening templates as local files. I don’t want an entire new universe to be created on my account every single time I need to quickly test a script on a baseplate that I’ll never need again.

Linking my reply from the original announcement so I don’t keep restating myself:


It seems like a bad update until you see this team create switch. I think it makes the update fine because you can choose if it’s on before it’s even created. So, why are people still mad about this? I should also say I hate team create.

I uh


I do love my archive being cluttered with 1000s of empty baseplates golly I guess I was wrong /s


Will accessories be fixed so that they work in Team Create? It’s been impossible to edit accessory attachments in Team Create for a few months now. If it’s not fixed no one will be able to create accessories.


Hoping Roblox realizes this; the single biggest reason why Roblox’s relationship with developers has been crashing over the last few years is because they don’t communicate a single damn thing about any of the deep reasons behind the decisions they make in brand, product, and prioritization. Afaik despite all the talk I’m sure happens internally we don’t even get a newsletter about long term vision. Nobody understands the goals or how changes like this relate to those goals, they only see Roblox making batshit decisions that inconvenience them.

Way to alienate the people who make your platform tick.


No, i don’t want the “shift the default to the Team Create environment”, the same goes for the push to online workflow. Let me create places which are offline and give the choice of bringing it online like before, now the page which displayed previously created places is cluttered with baseplate templates that contains one or two things meant for testing purposes but which aren’t meant to be a part of a game.


I’m not sure I understand. You make thousands of places?


Yeah. I’ve said this numerous times over the past few years - Roblox and its developers had a symbiotic relationship. Developers needed the platform, and the platform needed the developers. Unfortunately, it feels like the company doesn’t see the importance of the platform’s developers anymore, but rather it just views them as another KPI to monitor.


Is there way to disable team create toggle by default at place creation? It’s super annoying having to toggle it every time.