Blender Importing Animations As Well As Rigging R6 Model

Hi, im really just utterly confused on how to import Blender animations onto Roblox. I’ve tried multiple ways, include using plugins and following a tutorial and by importing an fbx. I want to import my animation onto an R6 rig in studio.

I am attempting to use the blender plugin which is here, on DevForum however, it does not work as when I put it into Blender as a py in plugins, it does not shown up on the side panel.

Now, I am unsure what to do. I am aware that my rig is not named properly as it has IK constraints and such, meaning that I’ll have to redo the entire animation but, I am unsure where I would be able to get a properly named R6 Mesh as well as having it rigged properly. Will I have to make that myself? I suspect so. Not to mention, when I use that plugin to export the roblox rig it turns out utterly failing every single time.


Hello, all these posts are insignificant to my issue as I am already aware about all this information, as I stated in my post. I am currently attempting rigging my own r6 humanoid to see whether the issue was truly with the Children.

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I believe it has a sample rig that you can download and use as a reference.

This is the sample mesh. I mean yes it has a tutorial how to rig it but thats not what Im struggling with(I think) . Thanks for help though

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