Blender rig exporter/animation importer

For some reason when I press legacy export and import it to blender, it said “No armature append a rig” ( I having problem export it normally so I use legacy which does export the model for me just not the rig) How do I fix it?
Screenshot 2024-06-13 224403

hello does anybody know how to fix the problem with exporting animations from blender to roblox?

i been having this problem where when im finished with an animation in blender i export it to roblox and upload it but when i check the animation on any of the roblox animation plugins it doesnt work it only has keyframes but no movement

(sorry for broken english im mexican)

Hey, @CAUTlONED. Currently trying to export an animation into Roblox. But when I do I get the copy and paste animation code but when ever I paste it into the script and it load’s no animation plays. Is there a way to troubleshoot it to see what is wrong. I get no animation export errors.

i have the same problem! i checked if it was something with the rig and i didn’t see anything wrong with it, updated the plugin on roblox and neither that worked

I’m not sure if it works on Blender 4.0 or above just yet.


I found another weird issue with this. When I have an animation with only 1 keyframe then the importer just fails to load said animation. Any fix for it?

I also find it distracting that my rig gets unselected when uploading animation, I think it should reselect the rig again.

it gets even worse,.,.,.,…,
plugin starts to prevent me from exportin

do yourself a favor and use my updated plugin, very few bugs exist except for a few caused by user error. (also jam packed with new features)

should also work on most non-ancient blender versions (3.0-4.0+)

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blender 4.0 isn’t for everyone here and i need a newer version of OpenGL to run that which my laptop cannot upgrade that anymore, 3.5 doesn’t even work at all, doing absolutely nothing though i already set them up correctly.

it should still be able run on older versions, just try it and if it doesn’t work send me the error and I’ll fix it. I’ve only tested 3.0+ so I don’t actually know

Hello, sorry for the late message but do you happen to have the link of that? It says on twitter that it expired

works really well! thanks a lot, it’s been really annoying with how many bugs the original has.

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How to send to equipment or legacy

It fail when importing the fbx animation downloaded from Mixamo. And exported the code using “export animation” reports code error when pasted into Roblox Studio.
if import then rbxanim file that export from blender, frame and time length will be see, but the Position and Rotation in all frames are 0,0,0