Blur behind UI elements

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to put a blur behind a UI element.

I’ll be a little clearer, what I am wanting to accomplish is not blurring a UI element itself, but rather blurring a portion of the main viewport located between two Vector2 values. This would allow us, as developers to do something like this:

To make this even simpler, it would be even better if, in a UI element, there is a box we can check called, for example, “BlurViewport”, which would automatically do what is shown above.

I’m not sure how feasible this is, but I would think it should be possible given the current blur and DepthOfField effects.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because it would increase what we can do with UI’s, and make better/nicer UI’s as a whole.


So you’re asking for Global ZIndex support to Blur? If so, this is a big yes from me.

Being able to blur out the workspace but not the UI would be so helpful for doing processing screens, popups, etc.

also this post is irrelevant as it is too similar to this: Blur Effects for UI Elements


There is a slight difference between this request and that one, that one was requesting for the blurring of actual UI elements instead of the UI. My request is for the blurring of the workspace in a specific spot. Just a little bit different, but the distinction is very important :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry but that’s essentially a synonym. I was basically asking to blur the scenery behind the UI, not blurring the actual UI, which is a separate request in itself which already exists. By the looks of it, I think you only read the title of the request and assumed that it was for the UI itself, but I had to have that name because it was a post for two features in a row, blurring images and blurring whatever’s behind the UI. The approach, although you provided a name, is way too similar. I’m sure by the other feature request the Staff, if approved, would find a way to incorporate something similar. Plus, the decision has already been made inside of that one by the Staff, just scroll down a little. BTW, what do you mean here:

That’s the same thing.

Also, the other post said:

The first line says it all, my friend.


When I read that I thought you were specifically referring to blurring the UI elements behind said UI element when you said, “to use UI elements that blur anything that is behind it”. My thought behind this was also supported by when you said:

It seems I initially misunderstood the feature request… whoops. Well, either way it shouldn’t hurt, as this would still be a great feature to have.

Edit: Though, I did not read too far down in the comments, to see when you said,

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Hi @Scarious - we totally agree that blur would add a lot of value to the UI system! This is something that we’re considering. Your feedback helps us prioritize our backlog, so thank you (and the rest of the devs on this thread) for letting us know that this feature is important to you!


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