Bring Back "All Time" Leaderboards

As a Roblox developer player, it is currently impossible to see a list of people who have dedicated the most amount of time and effort into playing a particular game.

The All-Time sort is not accessible anymore.

As of a couple of weeks ago, the Player Points leaderboards had the “All Time” sort removed. Effectively, this removes the entire point of Player Points–which is to show who has dedicated the most time/effort to a specific game. I am requesting that this sort is added back, to allow a more complete picture of a game’s top players.


I don’t think this is necessarily true, you can easily create a spreadsheet or node that is hooked to your game, showing everyone’s total amount of Player Points. Simply update their key with the new value every time you add or remove Player Points to/from them.

Aside from that point, I do think having the ‘All-Time’ sort in Player Points is a good feature, you don’t need to do a whole bunch of work to see your game’s top players, or leave the site. In addition to that, ANYONE can see the ‘All-Time’ sort, where-as only you can (generally) see your data. Support.


I just don’t understand why this would even be removed. Every leaderboard ever made has an all time view.


I have both a monthly and an all time leaderboard in my game and I have considered removing the all time one because the scores are so ridiculously high that it would take an incredible amount of effort to get onto it.

I do agree that All Time should be a thing on these Player Point leaderboards though, knowing who is the most devoted player in the community is a harmless bragging right.


There’s no reason this feature should have been removed that i can think of right now. Support


The web team really ought to ask for user feedback before removing features such as this. This is such an arbitrary and unnecessary change that they’re making just because they personally believe there shouldn’t be an all-time leaderboard. There are obviously dedicated players who find value in competing for the top of the all-time leaderboard, and this thread shows that numerous developers see value in having an all-time leaderboard for their games.

Unless there’s some other legitimate reason for this (like data storage issues - in which case they should justify their reasoning, rather than removing this without saying anything), stop removing features just because they’re only used by a subset of power users, especially when it doesn’t even impact the design of the page. Your power users hold a lot of value - stop treating them like their opinions are all worthless. Give them the options to enjoy the site how they want if it’s not negatively impacting other parts of the site.


We have games that have used player points (with/without additional data store to accompany the score) to show important ranking in games - the removal of this feature makes it impossible to fetch users that no longer plays your game but has a high score, if you didn’t use an OrderedDataStore for saving this value, if not a custom webservice.

User story:

Not long ago, I was using the All Time player points leaderboard to notice someone who broke a new record in a game I’m a developer for - other players in this game also uses the All Time player points leaderboard to gauge their competition on the top.


Wait yeah what’s the point of a leaderboard without this? Can you imagine if arcade machines only kept track of monthly scores?


I had the high score on one for weeks, but then someone unplugged it on accident. .-.

That’s the whole point. You’re spotlighting your most dedicated players.


Indeed but I currently have this as a separate rather garish 3D leaderboard in the lobby (I might roll them into one eventually) - people seem to care more about monthly whenever I see people talking about them in game and I feel that in my case I could use that space for something better.

On the site where it is hidden behind a drop down there is no need to get rid of it because its not causing any harm by being there.

We temporarily removed it because we were concerned that it would not last through the end of the year due to scalability problems on the back-end. We will consider re-adding it next year. Thanks for bringing this up, and we apologize for not communicating this in advance.


any news on this? it’s pretty useless to have a leaderboard with no top scores.


We are actively working on a complete overhaul of our Player Points back-end.


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