[BUILD] Current project all my own designs

I don’t know If this is the correct place to add my work but could do with some suggestions to my my current project better, will be adding more progress but heres what i got so far


I also do low poly


How do you become full members?

And whats the discord ?



New Members FAQ:


Alternatively, you could post it in the what have you been working on category.


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P sure its blocked for me

It shouldn’t be… It’s in a forum available to new members

Inception forum is locked to full members.

I could swear they changed that thread’s category from Cool Creations to Inception Forum just to allow every member to have access to it.

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Posting topics, yes. You can post these as a reply in what have you been working on and people give feedback.

No, this is a pretty appropriate place to post this thread. Support does include suggestions on how to improve something that one may not be comfortable with. Cool creations also works but you’re looking more to showcase your in progress or completed works there.

I think that your first work is well done, but it may be a little too intensive on the detail. That’s not to say it’s a bad thing, but you may want to factor in the people that’ll be playing your game and if they’d experience any lag (the lag doesn’t necessarily start until your part count goes relatively high). That plus the scripts yet to be added, if that project will be scripted. Your second work’s also neat - I like the detail, despite the low poly approach to such a creation.

Other than that? I think your builds are pretty cool. I can’t think of anything as for suggestions right now. Keep up the awesome work and thanks for sharing. :ok_hand:


Thanks bro and its a rally place for a clan, not much scripting is needed but admin. Going full out on detail too

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Has around 15k parts too which isnt that much

Hey, I’m a new member as well, but if you haven’t already read it, read the introductory thread about New Members.

I’m unsure if it’s said there or not, but if you want to post a portfolio, I’d suggest posting it in the Public - Collaborations tab. If you look around, there are plenty of people posting their work there, as it’s actually recommended that you post there. I’d suggest you look at the format of them, such as TrustMeImRussain’s post, GuestCapone’s post, etc. Those are some good formats to follow, and they are a place where plenty of people will be looking for work or looking for someone to hire.

As for your builds, they look excellent. Far better than what I can do at the moment. You sure do have an eye for detail! I’m excited to see some more of your work.


Looks like very good work. Not sure if this is a showcase, or for a map, but if its for a map, I’d suggest not being so part heavy and to start looking at Unions. Unions are terribly wrapped triangles-wise, so it’s almost always better to use meshparts. If its for a showcase, fantastic work, and keep it up!